Is this the most bizarre open house?

Is this the most bizarre open houseEarlier this week, I spoke to a fellow agent in Nashville who was planning a big event around his open house. 

This agent is mad that information on homes for sale is available online and prefers that agents go back to being the gate keepers of that information.  

This agent owns the home in the open house and currently has it priced well below market value.  No showings will be allowed until the open house.  They have already received offers above the list price. The list price will be changed to the amount of the highest offer just before the open house starts on Sunday.  And the highest offer will be available for review by other buyers during the open house.  

The agent described his open house as a “S#!t show.”  Complete with the filming of a documentary, a “shocking” education for consumers and BBQ.  

BBQ?  It’s the south baby.

When real estate first hit the internet, there were many agents who felt the same way.  They wanted to control access to the homes for sale and despised companies like Zillow and Trulia.  

They felt like Zillow was trying to disrupt the business model and do away with agents.  

I have a different take on the subject.  

I like the transparency in the market and the ease at which buyers can find information on homes for sale.   It makes it easier for everyone involved.  

I also do not see the value that I bring to the table tied to the information available online.  

Here’s where I see the value I deliver to you:

  • Asking the important questions that you did not know needed to be asked
  • Protecting your downside by helping avoid mistakes when no one else is looking out for you
  • Providing a network of professionals and experts to help you through the process
  • Marketing a property to bring maximum value in a minimal time period
  • Helping you make more logical and less emotional decisions
  • Negotiating in your best interest
  • Determining an “accurate” fair market value for a property

I could go on, but I think that gives you a good idea of how I can help you.  

So let me ask you one quick question.

How would you feel if all of the online real estate info disappeared tomorrow?

Hit reply because I’d love to hear your answer. 

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