Is This a Good Time to Invest in Nashville Real Estate?

This is a Great Time to Invest in Nashville Real Estate!

Watch the Video to see Why!

In this video

  • Rates are at Historic Lows
  • Prices are slowly appreciating
  • There is not a better time than Now!
  • Are you waiting on the next wave of foreclosures?
  • Do not count on it!
    As a Realtor, one of the most common questions I get:  Is this a good time to invest in Nashville Real Estate?  First of all interest rates are at historic lows.  Rates haven't been this low in decades.  With Low Rates comes increased purchasing power.  This means that you can buy more home when rates are low!

    Prices have appeared to hit bottom and are slowly appreciating.  This is happening in Nashville and across the nation.  This is a great time to Buy Low!

    Because of these two reasons, there will not be a better time in you life to invest in Nashville Real Estate.

    What is holding You Back?

    Why are You sitting on the sideline?

    Are You waiting for the next Wave of Foreclosures?   Do not count on it!  Banks have a vested interest in higher prices.  I would expect the backlog of foreclosures to be slowly released as not to affect the local markets.  I also expect banks to use more foreclosure alternatives like short sales and deed-in-lieu.

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