Is it the right time?

Is it the right time to sell your Nashville home?The right time to sell your personal residence in Nashville depends solely on this one thing.


That’s right, you.  

Now, if we were talking about your investment property, then we might have a different answer. 

Instead, we are talking about where you live now.  Where you raised your family.  Where you have so many memories.  The place you call home.  

This is much more than an investment.  And it’s something that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about moving.  

The best time for you to move is when you are ready.  

I wouldn’t factor market timing much into the mix.  I might wait an extra year or move it up slightly, if I thought it would make a significant difference.  

Otherwise, I would go when I was ready.  

Selling your personal home brings out the emotions in most people.  Being in your feelings weakens your ability to negotiate and make good decisions.  

That's the last thing that we want.  And the reason why I never push people to sell their home regardless of the market conditions.  

If you are convinced that you are ready to sell, then give me a call at the number below. We will be glad to share our plan to get your home market ready, where it should be priced and how we will market it to active buyers.  

And if you are not sure, then hit reply and share your concerns.  I’m a good listener.  

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