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INVESTOR ALERT: This home in West Meade goes to auction online with a starting bid of $286,000.  The auction runs from Saturday - Tuesday.  Reach out to me for more information.





Rates Up After PPI Shows Higher Inflation:

Japan and the UK are in a Recession: Are We Next?:


Most experts expect us to enter a recession sometime during 2024, and this has many in the housing market scared.  I see it as a good thing, as it will force the Federal Reserve to lower the Federal Funds Rate to stimulate the economy.  This typically has a similar effect on mortgage rates.  Housing is the biggest engine in our economy and accounts for 20% of the GDP, so it's the easiest way for the FED to throw water or gas on the fire.

Now if you're worrying about home prices...don't be too concerned.  In 5 of the last 6 recessions, home prices have risen or held steady.  The only time prices have dropped in the last 50 years was during the Great Recession.  That was a worldwide, catastrophic financial market meltdown.  History tells us only to expect those once every century or so.  I wouldn't expect that this year, but what do I know? 

The end result of the Fed lowering rates by one percent or more will likely be higher activity, higher prices, and lower rates.  I would not expect a dramatic drop in rates by the FED until our GDP starts shrinking.  I'll keep my eyes on this for you.

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Nashville Housing List

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