I had no other choice

No other choiceHere’s the story.

A buyer in another state purchased a home for his family.  It was a lovely place and just what he needed for his family.

The whole process was smooth, up until closing day.

After paying for their home at closing and receiving the deed, they started to move in.  They had already moved out of their old home and were excited to be in their new place.  

As they were unloading boxes, they received a call from the title company.  They learned that the seller had decided to give his home to someone in his family for free instead of selling the home.  

The buyer asked, how could this be?  We’ve paid for the home and have a copy of the deed.  They did not get a reasonable explanation from the title company.  They were told the deed was not recorded and they needed to vacate the property.

The buyer was fighting mad and said they would have to drag him out of the home.  Then he hung up the phone.  

A few hours later, the police showed up, and that’s when the trouble escalated.  


While this story is not based on real life, something similar just happened on United Airlines.  I’m sure you heard the story multiple times over the last two days.  

While the story doesn’t surprise me, the CEO’s initial reaction to it did.

He told his employees that they “had no choice” but to call the police and have this passenger removed from the plane.  

What a terrible “choice” of words.  There were literally hundreds of other choices United could have made.  

Here’s just a few.

  • Rented a car for the employees to make the 4.5 hour drive to Chicago.
  • Put the employees or the passengers on another airline leaving that night.
  • Upped the compensation until they had four people willing to leave the plane.
  • Used other employees for the flights leaving Chicago the next day. 

Instead the CEO made a terrible decision worse by justifying it to their employees.  

This is the exact opposite of how we treat our clients.  Gretchen and I go out of our way to make this as easy as possible for you.  

Things like:

  • Working late at night for you when you have a hard deadline to meet.
  • Showing up to help load the truck when your movers bailed at the last second.  
  • Dropping everything for a showing when your dream home finally hits the market.

If you want to work with people that put your interests first, then give us a call today at 615-519-0983.  


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