I could be wrong about it

Wrong about Nashville Homes for SaleThis is a true story.

A few years back, I was showing one of my bank owned listings to several different buyers who all wanted to see it the same day.

The first two came through the dining room and made comments about the color of the room.  It was an unusual color and both buyers stated how they hated it.  Interior design is not my greatest strength, so I took a mental note of what both people said and we moved on.  

Finally, the third buyer arrived to see the home.  As we walked through the dining room, I started to say something about the paint color.  As I started speaking, the buyer interrupted me by saying, how much she loved the color of the dining room and that it was a perfect match for her furniture.  

For me, that was one of the greatest lessons on opinions.  Everybody’s opinion is different and that’s ok. 

The same goes with safety, schools and the neighborhood.  Everyone wants to know the real estate professional’s opinion on these three things.  And it’s probably best if we don’t provide our opinions.


Because it’s better if we provide you with the same information that we have, so you can form your own opinion and level of comfort.  

If you are concerned about safety, then I would likely recommend that you visit crimemapping.com, drive through the area at different times and go talk with the police at the local precinct.  

If you are concerned about schools, then I would likely recommend that you visit greatschools.com, the State of Tennessee’s testing results and the administrators at the zoned schools.  

If you are concerned about the neighborhood, then I would recommend things like drive it at different times of the day, talk to the neighbors and review the minutes from the HOA meetings. 

It’s not that there is anything wrong with my opinion, it’s just that it might be different from yours if you had the same information.    

Your opinion is most important to me.  So, what information would you find helpful today?

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