I Always Get This Question

Let’s talk some “Q&A” today.

The most popular real estate question of all…

QUESTION:  What do you think of this neighborhood?

STEVE:  What concerns do you have?

If you are worried about appreciation in this market, then we can develop a market report showing you the history of sales prices in this area, recent listings and other important information.  The past doesn’t always repeat itself, but this report will give us an idea of what is likely to happen in a similar market.

If you are worried about crime, then we can send you to places where you can view recent activity and stats for any area.  We can also put you in touch with people who work and live in this area who will answer your questions openly and honestly. 

If you are concerned about services in this area, then we can point to the most relevant information in print and online.   We can introduce you to the school’s administrators, local business owners, our favorite places to shop and enjoy dinner.


QUESTION:  What is the bottom line for this property?

STEVE:  If I represent the seller, I will likely ask you,” What is your Best Offer for this property?”

It surprises me that some people expect an answer from the listing agent when they ask this question.  The smart agent or owner will never answer that question because the first one to answer loses. 

If they do answer the question…I bet they would still take a little less. 

That’s all for today.  If you have a question that you want me to answer, just hit reply and I will do my best for you!

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