How to Set Up Email Listing Alerts From the Nashville MLS

Would you like to save time searching for your next home in the Nashville MLS?

Let Nashville Real Estate Now and the Email Listing Alerts make searching for homes easy and fun.  Simply follow this instructions in this video to save a search your search criteria for Nashville MLS and you will automatically receive listing alerts.  It is that easy!

How do the listing alerts work?  Every time a home is updated or added to the MLS, you will automatically receive an email straight to your inbox with pictures, information and a link to the property.   You can quit worrying that you are missing out on the latest listing.  Spend more time with your family and get more work completed with the Email Listing Alerts.

Can searching online get any easier?

Say Goodbye to long nights searching online and hello to your new home!  Watch the video below!

Call Steve Jolly at 615-519-0983, if you need help getting your search set up or would like me to set it up for you.  We will be happy to help!

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