How to make decisions like a master negotiator

how to make home buying decisions like a master negotiatorI am not your average real estate agent. 

I do not say this to brag or tell you how “special” I am.  I say this because when I am working on your team, I save my sales hat for the other side.  In other words, my job is not to sell you on why you should buy a home.

In fact, I may say things that might make you think that I am trying to talk you out of making that decision.   And we will get to that in a minute.  

The first thing that I want you to see is a true picture of the property.  So you know all of the reasons why this would be a great place to live and why this might not be the best place for you and your family.  

This vision is helpful in making your decision to move forward or move on.  The last thing that I want is for you to start moving forward with the purchase of a home, only to find out the reasons why you should not later on.  

The second thing that I do differently is the one that will make you stop in your tracks and think.

Here’s a good example of a conversation that I had recently.

Buyer:  With the prices skyrocketing, I need to buy a house within the next six months, instead of waiting two more years as I planned.  What do you think?

Me:  There is no guarantee that prices will continue to rise for the next two years.  As interest rates rise, the market will start to slow.  Also, we could have a recession or catastrophe that slows prices down too.  I think you should buy a home when you feel the time is best for you.  

Most salespeople would have affirmed the questioned and pushed you to sign an agency agreement and start looking at homes.  

That’s not how I work.  

I don’t want you to make an emotionally charged decision that you later regret.  

Instead, I’d prefer that you make an intellectually honest decision that is not tainted by the anxiety of the market or any other bias that you bring to the table.

When you start to remove emotions from the decision-making process, you make more room for reason and logic. 

So my goal is not to talk you out of a decision, but it’s to help you make the best one possible for you.  

It’s one of the principles that I use to successfully run my life and business.   

If you like hearing about these business principles, then hit reply and let me know.  

Next time, I will share how I give you total veto power in our agreement to work together.  

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