How to Help Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home

How to Help Buyers Fall in Love with Your HomeWhen it comes time to sell your home, you will likely receive advice on how to best showcase your home to prospective buyers.  Most of us either follow the directions or completely ignore them. 

Neither is the right answer. 

Completely ignoring the advice will often result in a lower sales price and more time on the market. 

If we follow the directions blindly, we often do not understand why we are taking these actions.  This leads to mistakes that leave a negative perception in the mind of the buyer.

It’s best to understand WHY we do things this way because the underlying answers will help buyers fall in love with your home.   

First, most home stagers will recommend that you remove personal items from the home, especially places like bedrooms and bathrooms.  In order to fall in love with your home, buyers need to be able to visualize living in your home.  Seeing your toothbrush on the sink or your family pictures everywhere reminds them of you.  The buyer needs to be able to visualize how they will personalize (decorate) the home.   It’s hard for people to imagine living in the home, when there are so many reminders of you and your family. 

Second, de-clutter your home to make it look more spacious.  The actual room size doesn’t change, but the buyer’s perception is a cluttered room looks smaller.  You can stand there with a tape measure all day, but buyers won’t believe the numbers when they see an unorganized room or one filled with too much furniture.  This goes for closets too.  Perception is everything when preparing your home to sell. 

Third, it’s best to use rooms for their intended purposes (at least while the home is on the market).  If your dining room has office furniture, buyers might not notice that it has a dining room.  It’s hard for buyers to visualize a room for another purpose when it contains the wrong furniture. 

I hope by understanding why, you can do a better job preparing your home, gain interest and get more offers.

If you have further questions about home staging, or need professional help, let us know.

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