How to get the most when selling your Nashville home

How to get the most when selling your Nashville homeThe idea for this post came from one of the folks in our group who filled out the 30-second survey.

Thank you so much!

Getting the highest sales price is more than repairs, it’s a process we have developed over the last ten years that has produced great results.

The secret to getting the most for your home is by developing a plan that meets your needs and then executing flawlessly on it. 

Here’s our Five Step Process for getting the Highest Sales Price Possible.

  1. Planning

Planning is essential.  We need to understand your home, your goals and your resources.  With that in mind we will develop a plan for you to get your home on the market quickly and show it in its best light possible.  Whether you want to sell AS-IS or make significant repairs, we will be able to help you make the best decisions and lay a clear path.

2.  Preparation

Once the plan is in place we need to put the pieces in the right order at the right time.  Much of the work is done in the preparation phase.  Getting things in place.  Vendor coordination.  Staging.  Our goal is to make your house shine brightest when it hits the market.

3.  Marketing

During the preparation phase, we’ve been busy ordering professional photos, outlining our marketing strategy and networking on your behalf.  The first few days on the market are the most important.  We want to make our best impression then.  Our marketing goal is to get your home in front of highest possible number of interested buyers and help them fall in love. 

4.  Pricing

Pricing is critical in this market.  If you price it too high, you run the risk of being ignored [even in a seller’s market].  It happens to homeowners with the best intentions.  I’d rather see your price hits the sweet spot where you still have interest and it’s still somewhat a stretch. 

5.  Negotiations

Selling your home is like a long series of negotiations that ends at the closing.  We will discuss the possible outcomes of each one up front.  It is best to consider these decisions long before you have to make them.  Work on the front end, will help you remain calm and make better decisions during the heat of the transaction.  Studies show when decisions are grounded in emotion they will cost you money.

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