How to get more buyers interested in your Nashville home?

How to get more buyers interested in your Nashville homeThere is a famous old quote that has been attributed to several people and still rings true today, "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

As for selling your home, I would say that 80% of your marketing effort is getting your listing to show up in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

The first step that most real estate agents take is to put a sign in your yard and put the listing in the local MLS. This is a great first step, and unfortunately it is a last step for many people. Sure the MLS is a place where many people look for homes to buy, but they don't have the market cornered. This is the bare minimum for real estate marketing and probably reaches less than half of potential buyers for your home. If you want to get your home in front of as many people as possible, then you will need to do more than list it in the MLS.

The second step that many real estate agent skip is to market the listing for sale in channels outside of the MLS. There are so many different ways of doing this, and the most important thing to consider is the potential buyer. Wherever the most likely buyer spends his time, that's where I would be placing advertising. This could be in print, mailings, events, online or in social media. Every situation and market is different. There are no cookie-cutter answers in marketing your home, so it is imperative that your consider the potential buyers first. When done the right way, you might be able to reach another 20% of the potential buyers for your home with these marketing channels.

The last area that I want to talk about today is Zillow. Although, Zillow is online marketing, they have such a big audience that I put them in a category of their own. With Zillow, you might be able to reach an additional 30% or more of the potential buyers for your home.

Many folks in real estate have fear or hatred of Zillow. They bought into the belief that the company wants to replace them in our industry and dislike the inaccuracy of the value Zillow places on your home. ??Even if you buy into that narrative, it's hard to ignore the fact that millions of people use Zillow every day to look for homes to purchase. In fact, the term "Zillow" is searched more in the U.S. on Google than "real estate" or "homes for sale." You can see that here.

And by maximizing the content you place on the site, you can rocket to the top of the list on Zillow and get your home in front of thousands of potential buyers virtually overnight.

This three sided punch has the potential to bring you more money for your home and reduce the time spent on the market.

If you want to find out the best way to market your home, then hit reply so we can talk about it.

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