How to find the best buyer for your home

How to find the right buyer for your homeFinding people who want to buy your home is not too difficult in this market.  However, finding the best buyer for your home is getting more troublesome everyday. 

That’s because the difficulty of the market is forcing people to make buying decisions entirely based on emotions, and causes the contract to fall apart.  The quick sales, price increases, bidding wars and low inventory cause people to make choices that they later regret.  

In a recent survey by Harris Poll, they discovered that 25% of homeowners currently have regrets about their purchase.  And if they had to do it over, would not make the same decision again.  

With most people, the minute they feel regret is just after they found out that their best offer was accepted by the seller.  

The seed of doubt is planted at that time and they begin to wonder.  

  • Did I offer too much for this home?   
  • What did the other buyers know that I did not?
  • Do I really want to pay more than list price for this home? 
  • What is the seller trying to hide by moving so fast?

It’s in this doubt that they put on a new set of glasses.  The rose colored lenses that they wore when they made the offer are traded for a new set of magnifiers.  

These powerful new spectacles make minor defects look like major problems.  Soon, the buyers use the inspection contingency to get out of the contract with no real penalty.  

Now, the buyers are happy again, and you are stuck in a worse situation than before.  

The most attention your home will get is in that first two weeks on the market.  Since you are beyond that now, its more difficult to build the momentum that leads to the best offer on your home.  

In addition, every new buyer will want to know why the first contract fell apart, and they will discount your home in some way because of it.  

The best solution for this problem is to design a marketing plan that is fair and equitable to all potential buyers.  And one that gives people enough time to make a solid decision.

If you want to hear more about our marketing plan for sellers, then give me a call at 615-519-0983.  

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