How to discover your hidden super power

Your Hidden Super Power in Real EstateDinner last night was perfect.  

Besides the best damn burger I’ve ever had, we had a discussion with some wonderful friends about coping mechanisms.  

And I know what you’re thinking.

Coping mechanisms?

Just hang with me for a minute because this is brilliant.  

First, this discussion reminded me of the story of Jon Sonmez.  Jon is the founder of the successful business  

Jon was quite a handful as a child and was diagnosed with ADHD.  He describes himself as hyper, inattentive and impulsive.  

Jon found a way to cope that made him successful in life and business.  Because of his impulsive nature he pre-plans decisions as much as possible.  He avoids on-the-spot judgement calls, organizes meals and schedules his activities far in advance. 

The coping mechanisms help Jon take control of his life in a way that works for him and still allows him to be prolific in business.  He channels his energy into positive actions.  

Or as I call it.  He doubles down on his strengths.  

And in order to do that, you have to see these coping mechanisms as strengths and not weaknesses.  

Now back to last night’s discussion.  

My brilliant friends were saying thats how they approach business.  

They look for the coping mechanisms that their employees developed in their youth and help them use it to drive their success in business.  

That’s incredible!

It’s the kind of mentoring we all need because everyone has something where they excel.  

So, go get some perspective about your hidden super power and share it with the world.  

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