How to Buy Nashville Real Estate Quick and Easy!

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Are you in a Hurry to Buy Nashville Real Estate?  Do you Want the Process to be Painless and Hassle-Free?

Buying a home can be a very stressful process.  Why?  Your home is an important part of your life. It is the one place where you will spend most of your time.  A home is also one of your largest investments.  There are a lot of obstacles to overcome and bridges to cross in order to get to the finish line.

Buying a home will be fun and exciting, if you have the right strategy and team in place.  Following these Six Rules can make all of the difference!


Rule #1:  Assemble a Team of Top Producers Who Have the Heart of a Teacher!

Do you want to work with the Best?  At a minimum, you need a Top Producing Realtor and Loan Officer to make this an awesome experience.  If you find a First-Rate Realtor or Lender, they can help you build the rest of the team.  This may be the most important step in the buying process.  Top Producers understand the market.  They will help you avoid problems during the search and long after you own the home.

Why do I recommend that these individuals have the Heart of a Teacher?  In order for you to make the best decision and feel comfortable, you need to understand how and why things are done.  Not understanding the process will cause unnecessary anxiety and concern.


Rule #2:  Get Your Pre-Approval Letter!

Are you pre-approved?  Most sellers will require that you submit your pre-approval letter with your offer.   Many sellers will not respond to or accept an offer without a recent pre-approval letter.  It may take you 24 - 48 hours to get a letter from a lender.  This can delay the process and provide an opportunity for someone else to get their foot in the door.

What can I afford?  Without a pre-approval letter, you do not know what the seller is willing to lend or your total monthly payment.  Lending rules and rates have changed significantly over the last few years directly affecting your purchasing power.  New lending programs are being created to help buyers overcome the challenges in the current market.  Understanding the loan process is critical to a hassle-free home buying experience.


Rule #3:  Determine What You Want in Your Home!

This may sound silly, but it is true.  Many times you cannot find everything that you want in one home.  It is best to prioritize what things are the most important to you and what you can possibly live without.

If your agent provides you with a questionnaire, please fill it out completely.  Give some thought to the questions asked.  This information is vital to the agent.  It will help them narrow down the choices and only show you properties that meet your criteria.

Do you like to shop online?  Mark your Favorite homes on your Realtor's website.  Your agent will use these to set up showing appointments and help them find homes that are not currently listed.  Today there are more than 18,000 homes on the market in Nashville.  Creating priorities and making decisions early can save precious time and prevent headaches.


Rule #4:  Set Aside Two Weekdays to Search!

Are You Serious about Buying a Home?  Many people want to look at homes only during the weekends.  This is one of the most important decisions that you will make.  Your undivided attention is critical to success.  Have you ever taken time off to go to the dentist?  Surely, buying a home is more important than brightening your smile.

Do you live for the weekend?  You will need to look at 10 - 20 homes in order to make a decision.  It can be difficult to schedule showings on the weekends because you are competing with other people for showing times. Multiple offers are once again a reality on Nashville's best listings. You will likely get a head start on other buyers by scheduling your showings during the week.   Get your offer accepted by Friday and enjoy your weekend!


Rule #5:  Do Your Homework Immediately!

Do you think that homework is for kids?  In order to have confidence in your decision, research is essential.  After the first day of showings, you need to go back and drive your favorite neighborhoods.  Look at the statistics on  Double check the zoning and review school ratings at sites like and   Search for your favorite shops and restaurants on  Look at the photos and notes taken on your Ipad.  A few hours spent on homework will help you make a strong, confident decision.

After a long day of showings and good research, your list of favorite homes is much smaller.  Most likely three to five homes have made their way to the top.  Prioritize these top homes and send them to your Realtor to set up showings for the next day.


Rule #6:  Final Considerations and Offer!

Now you are almost to the finish line!  We are nearing the end of the search process.  Have your Realtor set up the showings with your Top Choice First.  Spend more time in each home.  Envision how you will use each room and how your furnishings will work in each area.  Take additional time to drive through the neighborhood.

Finally your search is over! At this point you will be excited and have confidence in your decision. Talk with your Realtor about the initial offer, the negotiating strategy and your top dollar.  Remember...your offer should be based on market values and not emotions.

Congratulations!  You just completed one of the most stressful processes with efficiency,  determination and exhilaration. Celebrate and Enjoy your weekend!

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