How to break through the fear of moving

How to break through the fear of movingPeople who want to upsize (or downsize) in Nashville face a tough challenge right now.

There is not much inventory for sale and many are afraid that they will not be able to buy a home if they sell theirs.  The fear that they feel is real and aggravated by the constant news of multiple offers and homes selling in days.

You think that this market would have every seller jumping for joy.  However, the thought of being homeless is enough to stop most people in their tracks. 

If living in temporary housing will not work for you, then I would recommend that you include a contingency in any contract for your home that ensures you find suitable housing.  This way you can postpone the sale of your home until you can close on your new home.  This makes your offer less attractive, but it can work in many situations. 

Lately, I have been seeing a new strategy that is difficult for most sellers to swallow. 

This new buying strategy involves the buyer placing an offer on a home contingent upon the sale of their home, except they have not put their home on the market at the time of the offer.

Think about it for a minute.

It makes it terribly difficult to take a buyer seriously, if they have not taken the steps necessary to at least attempt to sell their home. 

To sell a home the right way, it takes a few weeks (or more) to get the home and marketing ready to go. 

Why would anyone wait around for someone to get their act together, when there are more buyers than homes available?  In this market, it is an unnecessary risk that I cannot recommend in most cases. 

Fear can cause you to do strange things and cloud your perspective.

Instead of making things harder on yourself, why not face your fears directly.  Get a top-notch agent who will put together a specific plan to meet your needs while protecting your downside.  This way you can break through the troubles and move into your new life faster. 

If you have concerns about this very thing, I’d love to talk with you about it.

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