How their music changed the world

How their music changed Nashville and the worldShortly after the end of the American Civil War, the first university in America that was open to all students regardless of color was founded in Nashville, TN by three men.

It became known as Fisk University and it struggled financially for the first five years.  

In 1871, the schools Treasurer and Music Professor, George L. White, gathered a group of talented students to tour and raise money for the University.  The situation was so dire, that the future of the school depended upon their success.

One of their first concerts in Cincinnati, brought it $50, which was a large sum for the day.  This concert coincided with the start of the Great Chicago Fire.  So they decided to donate all of their proceeds from the concert to the victims in Chicago, leaving nothing for themselves.  

Their work was so beautiful that news spread far and wide.  They soon found themselves singing for Queen Victoria of England.  The Queen was so impressed by the beautiful voices that she declared that they had to be from the Music City.

Over the years, the Jubilee Singers have entertained Kings, Queens and Presidents across the globe.  In 1996, they received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

What’s amazing to me is how the generosity of the founders blossomed.  And, that a few small actions touched peoples lives and changed hearts all over the world.

It leads me to ask you, what’s currently stirring in your heart?

Hit reply and let me know, and I’ll promise to share what’s been on mine.

I’ll give you a hint.  It has to do with power and giving it back to everyday people.  

It’s time to get back to work while I wait on your response.

Take care!

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