How the small problems are key to the big goals

Focus on the small problems firstSome things make sense logically, but do not work in real life.

When trying to get out of debt Dave Ramsey, Best Selling Author and Financial Radio Show Host, says you should list your debts from smallest to largest and pay the smallest off first, regardless of the interest rate.

Logically, you would want to pay off the largest debt with the highest interest rate first.  This way you are paying off the debt that costs you the most money.

Although our brains think logically, we don’t always behave that way.

Dave knows that by paying off the smallest debt first, it gives us a win in the books.  Something to check off our list. 

Paying off debt isn’t easy.  These small victories give us the mental momentum to overcome the resistance we feel when the going gets tough.

It also gives us more firepower to throw at the next debt on the list. 

So instead of pushing this huge boulder uphill, Dave’s system is more like a snowball rolling downhill.  It starts slow, and picks up size and speed over time. 

These same concepts work with any tough problem that we have.

If we focus on the overall problem, we are likely to give into resistance when trouble arises. 

Instead, we should break the big problem into a list of all the smaller problems that need to be solved. Our daily focus should be on those smaller problems and the mini victories when we check them off the list. 

It’s impossible to meet that big goal without all the smaller wins along the way. 

In real estate, it’s our job to show you how to overcome the small problems that lead your next home.  So, hit reply and let’s talk about the big goals you want to achieve.

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