How Jimmy Buffett lost his hair in Nashville

Jimmy Buffet in NashvilleBack in 1974, Jimmy told this story after his show at the world famous Exit/In just a few months after it happened.

Jimmy just finished recording an album at the Woodland Studio, and they decided to celebrate with a bottle of Jose Gold Tequila.  

As you know, all the best stories start with a bottle of Jose Gold.  

They were staying at the King of the Road Hotel, having fun and playing music on the rooftop.

After a while, they decided they were hungry and wanted to go to get some BBQ at Charlie Nickens on Jefferson St.  But they couldn’t find their car in the parking lot.  

The lot was full because their was a prosecutor’s convention in town and they were all staying at the King of the Road Hotel. 

Growing wearing after walking up and down the aisles, Jimmy decided to stand on the hood of another car to look for his rental. 

Keep in mind that Jimmy is wearing golf shoes.

Just as his buddies find the rental, the owner of the car that Jimmy was standing on approaches.

Now this guy was big and mad as fire.  

Jimmy and his buddies climb in the rental as fast as they can.  

But the car won’t start.  

Full of liquid courage, Jimmy starts to argue with this guy and a fight ensues.  

Lots of punches were thrown and before he can drive off, Mr. Big and Angry takes a chunk of Jimmy’s hair as a souvenir.  

So they drive off and get their BBQ.  

On the way home, they realize that they have to go back to the hotel where they are staying and  likely see Mr. Big and Angry again.  

When they get back to the hotel, they make it all of the way up to their rooms and Jimmy realizes that he lost his room key.  

So, he goes back to the lobby to get it from the front desk.

While he is standing at the desk, Mr. Big and Angry approaches from behind along with two other men in suits. 

These detectives pull Jimmy into the elevator as tell him that they probably should arrest him because he caused as huge disturbance at the hotel that night. 

Then they said, “But we figure that your lucky to be alive because that Big and Angry guy was Buford Pusser.

[The same bat-wielding sheriff who inspired the movie, Walking Tall.]

And Jimmy said, “Oh!  8th floor please”

Just like Jimmy Buffett, I’m lucky to be alive and kicking in Nashville.

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