How I fell in love with Nashville

I fell in love with NashvilleSeven years ago today, I went to sleep in a storm and woke up in a flooded mess.  Fortunately, our home was spared, but I was surrounded by disaster.  

The floods of May 1-2, 2010 were a major catastrophe by any measure.  More than 11,000 structures in Nashville were damaged and 10,000 people were displaced from their homes.  The storms caused nearly $2 Billion in damages including iconic places like the Grand Old Opry, Opryland Hotel, Bridgestone Arena, Nissan Stadium and the Schermerhorn.  

The two day rain total were officially more than 19 inches, however, I believe we had upwards of two feet where I live on the West Side of Nashville.  

Harding Road, from the Belle Meade Kroger and further west, looked like a lake.  Richland Creek looked like the Ocoee river and Bellevue was hit incredibly hard all along the Harpeth. 

The country was also at the low point of the mortgage crisis.  The world’s economy was in shambles and we could not yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nashville could have easily given up and waited for someone to show up and fix it.  

And that’s the last thing the great people of Nashville did.    

First, neighbors started helping neighbors.  Ripping out insulation, duct work and damaged drywall so the homes could start the long process of drying out.  Installing sump pumps to get the water out of areas they were never intended to breach.  

Next it was the community.  People from all over Nashville started showing up at the hardest hit areas to help.  Giving their time and energy to complete strangers to help them through one of the toughest times they will ever experience.  

It was beautiful.  A pure act of love and compassion.  

While most people mark that date as the 1,000 year flood.  I mark it as the first time that I realized that I found home.  

You see, I left my hometown of Detroit in 1980.  Though I moved to several places, I never felt like I was at home.  Sure I made friends everywhere I went and met lots of good people. I never felt connected to the community like I did as a kid in Michigan.  

It’s also the day that I fell in love with the wonderful people of Nashville. 

In the last seven years, my feelings for the people in this wonderful city have only been confirmed.  This is the place I was meant to be, and one that I never want to leave.  

If you’ve been thinking about making Nashville your home, then give me a call today at 615.519.0983.  Gretchen and I would love to show you all of the reasons why this is the best place to call home.  

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