Here's Why Nashville is a Great Place to Live

This weekend was a big one for me.  For the past year, a committee of a few old classmates and friends has been diligently working to pull off our 40th high school reunion.  We walked the halls of Hillwood High School – many of us attending the feeder elementary schools together – so we shared anywhere from 4 – 12 years with each other reading, writing, playing, having slumber parties, going on first dates together, finding our first loves, going to football games and club meetings, learning about life and love, and possibly getting into a bit of mischief a time or two.  But what happened at Hillwood – stayed at Hillwood – my lips are sealed!  We wore our green or white caps and gowns and walked the track to our assigned seats as we sang our Alma Mater one more time on our graduation day in 1974.

Fast forward 40 years!!!  On Thursday night, a group of my girl friends who have remained close, gathered at The Goddess and The Moon – a local New Age shop on 8th Avenue – to have our fortunes told by a Psychic named Susan, enjoy an ionic foot soak and the oxygen bar and browse through the jewelry, handmade essential oil perfumes, books and clothing, have a glass of wine which we provided and just have a moment to reconnect on a more intimate level before the Friday and Saturday festivities began.  By the way, this is a great place for a girl’s night out!  Susan the Psychic most definitely revealed many truths to me about myself and others who had gone on before me, including my very best friend, Margo.

Friday night we returned to those hallowed halls of Hillwood and had a reception in the Library – or as they call it now – the Media Center, with a tour of the school where we lovingly remembered our classes, teachers, school plays, school lunches – even the smoking lounge – yes, since they couldn’t stop us from smoking on campus they actually designated a place for us to go.  My, how times have changed!  Many of us continued on at friends’ homes or local restaurants and bars on Friday.  I met up with many friends at Sperry’s to continue catching up.   Saturday night found us enjoying the company of even more classmates at Temple Hills Golf Club – Oh What a Night!  What a Weekend!  Screams of delight ring in my ears as each new classmate walked in the room – some recognized immediately and some with a slower awareness and almost all of us having to use our glasses to see the name tags.  Those of us who still have hair have some level of gray shimmering through, but all in all, I think the years have been good to us – looking through eyes of love.

Sunday morning has arrived.  I still have one more outing with two old friends – an hour walk and talk – before this reunion weekend finally winds down.  My house guest of the past week has left and with her, a piece of my heart and eyes brimmed with tears as I sit on my deck and try to remember all that transpired this weekend.  These special people hold a part of my past and with each reunion the memories are sweeter and more significant.  We all hold a part of a collective memory of an important rite of passage which we all shared.    Such a blur,  almost too much emotion to handle in this moment, and as tired as I am and glad that the planning is over – I find myself unable to think of anything other than whether we should wait another 10 years or plan the next one in 2019!  I vote for 2019.

Music City Food and Wine Fest

So now on to what other reunions we can find going on in town over the next week or two.  The 2nd Annual Music City Food and Wine Festival will be held in various locations around town on September 20 and 21, 2014.  The list of national top chefs, local talent, and wine and spirit makers is enough to make a local caterer swoon!  Some of the National scene include names such as:  Amanda Frietag, Tyler Florence, Tim Love, Mesaharu Morimoto, Michael Symon, Jonathan Waxman, Aaron Sanchez and many more.  On the local level we have Deb Paquette, Arnold Myint, Nick Pellegrino, Karl Worley, Margot McCormick,  John Lasater, Kahlil Arnold, Matt Bolus, just to name a few.

There will be live demos on Saturday and Sunday culminating in The 2014 Grand Taste Event on Saturday and Sunday nights.  On these evenings you will be able to taste your way through the best of Nashville’s local culinary scene backed by an all-star cast.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Nashville without live musical entertainment – The Kings of Leon, Michael McDonald, Hunter Hayes, Ashley Monroe and the list goes on!

Loosen your belt and get ready for this culinary treasure!  More information and ticket sales can be found at their website –

Tennessee Craft Fair (formerly known as TACA)

On September 26, 27 and 28, 2014 the 35th Annual Tennessee Craft Fair (formerly known as TACA) will take place in Centennial Park.  You will be able to browse through booths ranging from baskets to clay, furniture to jewelry, leather and metal to paintings and mixed media and on and on.  Many booths will be operated by our own local community of craft artists.   For more information check out their website at  Be sure to wear your walking shoes and bring lots of money!  You are sure to find the perfect piece you have been searching for.

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