Here's the app that gets you the real estate info you need on the go

Last week, I told you about my new app for searching real estate on the go.  It’s unlike any other app that you have seen because it allows you to snap a picture of the home for sale and immediately pull all of the photos and info on the home. 

Several of my clients are now using the app and have told me how helpful it is to them.

Besides the ability to snap a picture and get info, these were the most popular features that you won’t find together in any other app on the market today.   Keep in mind that the info is pulled directly from the MLS so you won’t have to worry about the quality or age of the data.

This app answers the most common questions I get whenever I show a home, including:

  • How long has this home been on the market?
  • What did this home sell for previously?
  • Where are the property lines?
  • Is that part of the property for sale?
  • What are homes currently selling for in this area?
  • What have homes sold for in this area?

Here’s what you will instantly know about a home

  1. The app shows you the complete sales history of the property.  You will see any recent sales, listings, price reductions and exactly how long is has been on the market.  This type of information used to be unavailable to the public, and is now included in every listing.

  2. Every listing shows a plat map for the property.  This map is GPS enabled so you can walk the property and discover where the boundaries are located as you are walking.  You will be able to see where you are and where the boundaries are on the same map in the app.

  3. The app will pull any similar listings that are close to your location, including any homes that recently sold.  Yes, that’s right you will get information on sold listings in the area instantly. 

If you want this info too, go to:  and click “Get the App.”

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