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Here is a quick story so you know I can help you…Nashville Real Estate

Shawn and Pam were new to the area.  They moved to Hendersonville last year and found a home that they loved near the lake. 

Shortly after the home purchase, Pam had a great offer to work.  She took the job and loved it.  The problem was her long commute.  In evening rush hour traffic, it might take her one hour to get home.

Pam decided that she wanted to move to closer to work.  Shawn was worried since they just bought the house that they might not be able to move right away. 

Shawn and Pam contacted me about their problem.  I put together a plan to sell their home quickly at the right price.

We quickly placed their home on the market and started our Premier Home Selling program immediately. 

The home went up for sale on Friday, and by Monday we had a full price offer on the property closing within 30 days. 

Shawn was elated about selling his home.  However, he works out of his home and was worried that we could not find a home to purchase right away.  Moving to a rental was out of the question.

If you haven’t heard:  With a low inventory of homes for sale, the home buying process can be tough right now.  

We used our SMART Buyers Program to quickly find a home they loved closer to work.  We found a great home fast, and got it under contract at the right price and the right closing date. 

Shawn was elated because he did not have to move into a rental and got to spend more time with Pam.  Pam was so happy because she loved her new job, her new home and her short commute.

Over the last eight years, we have seen nearly every difficult situation in real estate…Even yours.

These difficult situations can be paralyzing to you when you want to sell your home.

We understand how to move around the obstacles and minimize the headaches that could prevent you from living your dream.


Do not trust your home to an inexperienced agent!


Call me at 615-519-0983 and tell me your difficult situation.

Talk to you soon -

Steve Jolly


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