Here’s 10 Ways to Boost Your Spring Curb Appeal in Nashville

Nashville Boost Your SPring Curb AppealAre you ready for the spring home sales kickoff in Nashville?


First Impressions are a big deal for home buyers. If your home does not look well cared for, many buyers will not give it a second look.  Tackle these small tasks now to boost your Curb Appeal and quickly sell your Nashville home.  If you are too busy to handle these tasks, just let me know and we will introduce you to our amazing group of trusted, local contractors.

It’s Adoorable

Your front door is typically the focal point of the home. Changing the front door offers one of the highest returns on investment for home sellers.  If your front door just needs some shine, a fresh coat of paint and polishing the hardware can make all the difference.  If your hardware is faded or dated; it is easy to change.  Do not forget to check the doorbell and get a new welcome mat. 

Light up the Night

Proper lighting can really show the beauty of your home at night.  Consider adding a few outdoor lamps at the home or a beautiful home.  If your front porch lighting is dated, consider changing it.  Otherwise, make sure the fixtures are clean and new bulbs are installed. 

Create a Scene

Creative landscaping can make your home look attractive, create privacy and can screen the view of your neighbor’s boat.  It is also a great time to weed, cut back any overgrown plants and lay down some new mulch.  A well-kept yard can really make your home look amazing.

Walk the Walk

Winter weather is the number one enemy of your walkway.  It is time to patch cracks, and replace the broken pavers. Edging your walkway gives a professional touch.  Rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store for a fresh and clean appearance. 

A Fresh Approach

Clear any cobwebs and repaint the trim around the porch.  Paint any outdoor furniture and add some new cushions.  Make sure the railings are sturdy and tight.  If your mailbox looks tired or crooked; trade it in for a newer model.

Get Your Mind in to the Gutter

Water is enemy number one to any home.  Gutter issues are one of the most common ways that water intrudes into your home.  Make sure they are cleaned of any leaves, limbs and debris.  Your downspouts should extend about six feet from your foundation. Check the water flow with a hose and make sure the downspouts are draining properly. 

Raise the Roof

Take a few steps back and look at the shingles on your roof.  Check them out from each side of your home.  Replace any missing shingles.  We have had quite a few hail storms in the last year.  If you did not have your roof inspected after the storm, it is wise to do it now.  If you have hail damage, the repairs could result in delays while you are trying to sell of your home. 

Sail Away

Do you still have that classic car or boat that you plan to restore?  Does your RV take up the whole driveway?  Consider storing these items elsewhere until you sell your home.  If you do not have a willing friend or relative, most storage centers will be more than willing to accommodate your needs. 

Garage Sale

Your garage doors need to look great too, especially if they face the street.  At a minimum, they should match the style of your home and compliment the colors of your house.  If your doors are dented or dated, it may be time for an update.  Keep your doors closed when not in use while you are marketing the home.

Pave the Way

Re-sealing a black top driveway will not only make it look better, but will also make it last longer.  The last thing a new homeowner wants to tackle is deferred maintenance.   If your driveway is gravel, make sure that it is level and spread evenly.  Patch any cracks in your concrete drive and clean any oil stains. 

After you tackle these simple, outdoor tasks, it is time to look at the interior of your home.  We have you covered there too.  Check back in a week or two for my thoughts on getting the inside of your home ready to show. 


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