Guess who has the flips?

Nashville has the fliipsAccording to a recent study by Trulia: Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville are in the Top 10 cities for highest percentage of flips sold in 2016.

They looked at sales and permit data to measure flips as a percentage of total sales.  Not all improvements require permits, so they did not catch them all.  

The renovation boom that hit Nashville a few years ago is finally catching up to the rest of the nation.  Across the country, flips haven’t been this strong since 2000.

Las Vegas was the #1 city with 10.5% of all sales deemed a flip.  Memphis came in fourth at 8.2%.  Nashville in fifth at 8.1%.  Knoxville came in ninth at 7.6%.

Flipping homes used to be a local business and now that’s changed.  Investors have their eye on Tennessee and these other cities for one reason: Price Appreciation

Flipping is easier when the market moves up in price.  And investors from across the country have been attempting to capitalize on it.  

If you have your eye on Nashville, then we may want to talk.

Not everyone approaches investment property from the same angle. We’ve found that we work best with those who:

  • Want to learn what Nashville has to offer
  • Know what they want to achieve
  • Focus on finding value in the market

If this sounds like you, just hit reply or give me a call at 615-519-0983.  


Check out the rest of the Trulia report here.

The Daily Deal in Nashville is this brick ranch in Madison being sold at Absolute Auction [Estate] with a starting bid of $75,000. 

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