Good News! The Jerk is out

Good News - The Jerk is outAnd now for some happy news in a followup to yesterday's story.

You can see it here:

The seller finally moved out and gave possession to the buyer.  

When I reviewed the news interview with the seller, it was obvious that he was mad about the buyer missing the initial closing date.

Based on what he said, and my experience, I fully expected that he would leave before being evicted.  The seller wanted a little revenge and he saw an easy way to take advantage of the buyer.

And in this market, it was not likely the fault of the buyer that they did not close on time.  The volume of sales activity is near record levels for Nashville, which has the lenders and appraisers at maximum capacity.

It getting close to impossible to close in 30 days.   It takes almost that long to get an appraisal ordered, completed and report submitted.  

The average time to close is closer to 40 days and agents need to plan for this problem.  

That alone might have prevented this problem from the beginning.  

Based on the seller’s “friendly discussion” during the news interview, I might be mistaken about preventing the problem.  

And if the seller’s true personality was on display, I guarantee there were signs of trouble from the beginning.

That’s one thing that I discuss with my clients.  

If someone gives me clues that they might be unreasonable or hard to work with,  I want you to know first.  

I want you to feel 100% comfortable moving forward because their is nothing that can ruin a transaction like a difficult person.

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