George Costanza School of Real Estate

Seinfeld School of Real EstateSeinfeld is one of my favorite shows of all time.

And if you go back to the very beginning in the first season, George Costanza was a real estate agent with Rick Barr Properties in New York.

In the third episode, The Robbery, George tries to convince Jerry to look at new apartments.  George claims that this apartment is “great” and is near Central Park, yet Jerry doesn’t quite believe him.  

Jerry turns down the apartment until he discovers that his current place was robbed while he was on the road doing standup.  

So, George, Jerry and Elaine go to look at the apartment.  

Jerry decides that he loves it and says, “I'm takin' it, I'm takin' the place, I'm gonna take it, this is gonna be my new place, I'm livin' here...I'm movin’.”

He is so excited about his new place until George opens his mouth again. 

In the least exciting way possible George says, “Congratulations.”

Jerry instantly knew that George wants the place for himself.  

They decide to flip a coin to see who wins the apartment.  

Jerry flips the coin, George calls heads and it lands on tails.  

George instantly yells, “Interference,” because the coin hit the the table on the way down.  

Much hilarity ensues and neither one ends up with the apartment.  

In case you were wondering, I didn’t attend the George Costanza School of Real Estate.

But like George, I might say things that make you think about not taking action.  

It’s not that I want to buy the place instead. 

I want you to get the whole picture so that you will feel 100% comfortable in your purchase with no remorse.

And it is confusing to some people because they think I am talking in code when I play the devil’s advocate.  

That’s not my style.  I will shoot you straight, if I think it’s a bad idea.  

Sounds good?

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