Frustration flowing at the Old Hickory Dam

Frustration Flowing at Old Hickory DamThis would be a great place for a rock quarry if it wasn’t next to a historic neighborhood, Old Hickory Lake, Old Hickory Dam and the most popular recreation area in Tennessee.

Industrial Land Developers LLC has applied for a permit for a surface mining (pit) operation to supply the building industry.  They have formed a coalition with the State Government and the Army Corp of Engineers to push hard for this site in the face of a significant local backlash. 

It’s always suspicious when big government tries to push people around in their own backyard.

In addition to the unusual level of support, this property has a few twists that are getting swept under the rug. 

First, the proposed blasting site is within 6oo feet of the earthen part of Old Hickory Dam.  In Texas, the Corp of Engineers will not allow drilling within 4000 feet of any dam. 

I’m guessing that blasting will have a bigger impact on the surrounding area than drilling. 

Second, Old Hickory Beach is located in the fly-rock zone from blasting.  This is one of the most popular recreation areas in Tennessee and they plan to blast here for 20 years or more.  U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper said, "The Corps wrote a letter to me in December that said blasting near the beach would 'likely pose a hazard to the public.’ "    

The Corp in Nashville has since changed their story.


Third, this parcel of land reportedly contains injection wells filled with industrial chemicals from former operations nearby.  Since, the quarry has also applied for a discharge permit into the lake, area residents are concerned of the potential for these chemicals to enter the lake or the groundwater.

In a recent community meeting with the TN Department of Environment and Conservation, the TDEC said the neighbors have many legitimate concerns, but his agency only deals with the cleanliness of the water discharge.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. 

If you want to know more about this communities fight against the quarry, then check out their FB page here:

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