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From Nashville with LoveSt. Valentine’s Day!!

One of the most popular martyrdom stories (evidently there were many) of what has eventually become our version of Valentine’s Day, is the story of a Saint Valentine of Rome (again, evidently there were many).  He was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to wed and also, for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.

According to legend, while Saint Valentine was in prison, he healed Asterius, the daughter of his jailer.   This did not gain the favor of the jailer that I would have expected as, just before Saint Valentine was EXECUTED, he wrote Asterius a letter of farewell, signed “Your Valentine”. 

I am not certain where Cupid comes in to the story, but, according to my research in Wikipedia, Cupid is the Roman reinterpretation of Eros, the Greek God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection.

“He is winged, allegedly because lovers are flighty and likely to change their minds, and boyish because love is irrational.   His symbols are the arrow and the torch because love wounds and inflames the heart.”

He has two kinds of arrows.  When pierced by a sharp golden point, one is filled with “uncontrollable desire”.  When wounded with the lead point, one only feels aversion and the desire to flee.  Well, this certainly explains some previously unexplainable things to me!

The holiday tradition of expressions of everlasting love and friendship by sending cards, giving candy and flowers and more has evolved over the centuries and, I think, has been aided by the Greeting Card industry.

So, what are you and your lovers and friends going to do on St. Valentine’s Day?  As expected, I have some suggestions!

I do not know if it is too late for you star crossed lovers, but Belmont Mansion is hosting elopement style ceremonies on Valentine’s Day.  Contact Rev. Rich at [email protected] and see if he can squeeze you in.  He has officiated elopement weddings at Belmont Mansion since 2011 and there are 3 options available – all quite reasonable.  So run out and get your marriage licenses.

Here is a great website with the Top 20 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas – Nashville Guru –  The 20 restaurants have been added to my list of restaurants to visit this year and are:

Sinema, Tempur Chocolate Shoppe, Moto, Prima, City Winery, Watermark, Holland House, The Southern, Husk, Rolfe & Daughters, Lockeland Table, Rumors Wine Bar, City House, Josephine, Eastland Café, Kayne Prime , Park Café, Etch, Virago, Margot and Sambuca.  What a list!

And now to music in Music City on Valentine’s Day:  All of this is offered on February 14th!

The Schermerhorn – Patti LaBelle (my guess is that this one is sold out, but who knows?)

The Ryman – Shovels & Rope (this one for those possibly wounded by Cupid’s lead point?)

The Wildhorse – Rick Springfield

The Grand Ole Opry – A great cast, as usual!

The City Winery – Sam Bush – a must see, and if you can’t see him on Feb. 14, Dave Mason will be there                                               on February 15!

3rd and Lindsley – Jonell Moser, Sheila Lawrence, Etta Britt and Vickie Carrico

The Cannery – Red Violet Valentine’s

The High Watt – Lydia Loveless

The Exit Inn – Love American Style V-Day party with Hillbilly Casino

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

With Love from Your Valentine,


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