From Destitution to Destination: The Story of Downtown Nashville

From Destitution to Destination: The Story of Downtown Nashville25 years ago, Downtown Nashville was a ghost town at night. 

Hardly anyone lived down there, unless they were on the streets.  When the bankers, lawyers and merchants left for the evening, it was lonely everywhere.    

That same year a young health care executive from New Jersey, Phil Bredesen, would win the mayoral race running on a business friendly platform. 

Phil knew that Downtown Nashville was a diamond in the rough and he was destined to change it.

Phil knew if he could attract the right business to move downtown, the crowds would flock to the new shops, restaurants and clubs.   These people would make downtown a “Destination” and bring back the much needed residential development. 

The first big step to making downtown a destination was the construction of the Bridgestone Arena.  The Bridgestone was built to hold large concerts downtown and to lure a professional hockey (or basketball) team to Nashville.

Not everyone agreed with the mayor speculative plan.  Some even called the Bridgestone, Bredesen’s Folly. 

Two years after opening, Nashville was awarded the expansion franchise soon to be known as the Predators and the rest is history. 

Downtown has exploded since the Predators (and the Titans) came to town.

Since 2000, the downtown population has grown more than 300%.  This is 18 times faster than the whole city grew during the same time period. 

While you might not agree with everything Phil did for Nashville, his vision of rebuilding downtown through real estate was a huge success.   

Looking forward, Nashville is primed for growth for another 25 years. 

What is your vision?

If investing in Nashville is part of your future success, let’s talk.

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