Five Real Estate Design Trends with Real Staying Power

When she walked into the kitchen, she knew immediately.  This was not the home for her because the kitchen was not big enough for her family.  So we did not bother looking at the rest of the home and we immediately went to the next one on the list. 

This happens every day in my world. 

Trends develop from changes in lifestyle, building materials, economy and the environment.  These shifts in real estate do not happen as quickly as they do in food or fashion, but they are still worth watching.  


One day you are going to sell that home that you own (or currently considering) and it’s in your best interest to appeal to the largest possible pool of buyers.   That means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. 

Some fads look like trends (and end up costing you money).  We want to avoid those. 

Here’s Five Real Estate Trends with Real Staying Power

1, Reclaimed wood
This trend screams authenticity while telling a story at the same time.  Reclaimed floors, beams and panels will continue their popularity for years to come.  In addition to the added character, knowing your materials are sustainable and don’t give off gas is reassuring to many homeowners.

2, Warm Modern
Modern home styles are familiar infill projects close to the city center.  Not everyone who wants to live modern desires the harsh, industrial appearance.  New materials and handcrafted items provide a warmer feel while maintaining that crisp, clean look. 

3, Smaller Homes
The tiny house movement is all the rage.  While, the tiny house trend is too extreme for most of us, it reflects a movement towards smaller housing.  Driven by smaller family sizes, sustainability and the economy, smaller homes are now more popular than the McMansion.  
4. Larger Kitchens
Kitchens have always been important to the homeowner because we spend so much time in them.  While the average home size is getting smaller, kitchens have been growing in size.  Most of us don’t want to be separated from our families, so we are making kitchen larger and more formal.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Integration
Outdoor kitchens and living spaces helped to bring the indoors, out.  These new, integrated spaces help to bring the outdoors, in.  Large door panels that fold up or slide in (like pocket doors) are readily available at affordable prices.  These integrated spaces provide enjoyment and help your home live larger. 

Do you have questions about the most important trends for your home?  Comment below, I would love to talk with you about them.

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