Escaping from a prison you made

Escaping from a prison you madeA man traveling through India came across a village with many elephants. 

When he stopped to admire these magnificent creatures, he noticed that they were only held by a small rope attached to their front leg.  Although the elephants could break the rope easily, there were no chains or cages to contain them.

Perplexed, he noticed a man nearby and asked why these animals made no attempt to get away.  

The man said, “When they are very young we use the same size rope to tie them up.  And at that age, they are not strong enough to break free.  As they grow older, they believe that they still cannot break that same rope, so they never try to escape.”

The man was amazed.  

Theses powerful creatures are imprisoned not by the rope, but by their mind.  

If you asked a psychologist, he would likely call this cognitive bias.  It’s when our brains have become conditioned to reach an illogical conclusion that we believe with all of our heart. 

Perhaps you have seen this in others.  

Like one someone makes a major purchase that they can’t afford, yet they have convinced themselves that this was a wise decision.  

Or maybe you feel trapped in a decision that you made.  

If you want to break free and are not sure which way to turn, then let’s talk.  

I promise to listen carefully and provide advice without any hint of judgement.  

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