Do you walk the talk?

Walking the Talk in Homes for SaleThis might be the craziest business that you have ever seen. Chuck McCarthy is the People Walker. You can check out a video of his company here.

Chuck is an actor in Los Angeles, who needed to supplement his income between acting jobs. He thought about walking dogs, but was't to keen on cleaning up after them. So he decided to walk people instead and started posting flyers around his neighborhood.

And his business exploded. He now has a team of people walkers and is expanding across the country.

This is one of those feel good stories that we occasionally see in the news that makes us smile.

And it also sheds light on what it's like to live in the greatest country on earth.

The first lesson that I see in this story is the fact that you can create an amazing business out of your passion, no matter what it is. Walking is essentially free, yet hundreds of people have already signed up as customers of Chuck's business. And Chuck is getting coverage from the national media, which is better than any advertisement that money can buy.

Deep down, Chuck's business is more than just walking. So, I thought of some of the reasons why people would pay for this service. Maybe they are doing it for safety or because they need someone to listen or possibly they don't have anyone else to walk with them.

And if you dig deeper into all these reasons, it boils down to personal interaction. We spend so much time not interacting with people in real life, that we start to crave that attention.

It might be the reason why some folks act like they do.

When we designed our business, we wanted to change the way real estate agents interact with you.

We wanted to be there when you need us, listen to your concerns, answer your questions promptly, and provide advice that is in your best interest only.

And that's one of the reasons why we reach out to your inbox every week day.

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