Do you really want the skinny chicken?

do you really want the skinny chickenA butcher had an extremely good day due to the upcoming holiday.  His final customer was at the counter ordering the last chicken that he had in the cooler. 

The butcher proudly set the last chicken on the scale and proclaimed. “That will be $6.00.”

His customer looked at the chicken and said, “That’s a nice price, but it is a little on the small side.  Do you have anything bigger?”

The butcher hesitated for a second and then headed back to the cooler.  He was thinking quickly and did not want to upset his customer. 

So, he paused for a moment in the cooler and came back out with the same bird. 

“This one,” he said, “will be $6.50.”

The customer thought for a second and then made their decision.

“I’ll take both of them,” the customer said.

The butcher might have thought he had “noble” intentions, but those came back to bite him hard.  I’m guessing most people like the butcher would tell another lie to avoid being caught. 

And it’s not the small lie that bothers me the most about this situation.  It’s the decisions the customer makes based on the lie that cause the most damage.

This is only a chicken, what kind of damage can that bring?

What if this was about the house you were going to purchase instead?

And that agent did not fully answer your question because he knew you loved the home and did not want to hurt your feelings. 

It’s a disaster waiting to happen and one that plays out daily in our business.

It’s not our goal to make you upset, but we have a higher obligation to protect your wallet and your downside.

If you prefer a straight shooter over a people please, then hit reply today.  You won’t regret it!

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