Do You Have The Heart of a Teacher?

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One of my favorite talk radio hosts, Dave Ramsey, tells his listeners that they need to work with sales people who have the heart of a teacher.  This is great advice from a very successful business person.  So I took this question to heart, do I have the heart of a teacher?  Before I could answer that question, I had to discover what it meant to have the heart of a teacher.  Great teachers come from all walks of life, so I decided to look at qualities the best teachers have in common.



Top 5 Qualities To Have The Heart Of A Teacher as a Realtor

  1. Passion.  It is nearly impossible to be a great teacher without Passion.  If you do not love real estate and talking to others about real estate, then you are in the wrong business.    
  2. Attention.  Attention is more than just listening.   It is a close and careful observation.  It is listening with both the ears and the eyes.  We must do more than just hear our clients.  We need to strive to understand them in order to provide an effective learning environment.    
  3. Creativity.  You should have several different techniques and devices for teaching the same subject.  Consider using a variety of visual aids, auditory techniques, and hands-on experiences.  Use the types of media that your client prefers and finds most comfortable.    
  4. Flexibility.  When our clients need us, we need to be there for them.  Use modes of communication that your client prefers.  Take time to help them understand difficult issues.  Work well and facilitate with your clients team of accountants, attorneys and other professionals.    
  5. Connection.  Ask questions to discover points of connection with your clients.  Reference those common points in your aids and techniques to improve your effectiveness.  A connection makes the learning experience interesting and enjoyable.
    Did you find that you have the Heart of a Teacher?  What other qualities would you add to this list?


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