Do you hate being locked into a contract?

Do you hate contracts?Last week, I showed how I help you make decisions like a master negotiator.  And by asking the right questions, I help you find an intellectually honest mindset where your decisions are driven more by logic than emotion.  

I also promised to share how I give you veto power when we work together.    

Many in the business world take a different approach as they prefer to lock you into a contract.

Personally, I hate being tied to something with no easy way to break free.  It feels more like a prison than a picnic. I prefer the live in the free world.  

That feeling of being locked down does more harm that good in our relationship.  And that’s why I prefer to give you the ability to walk away from our contract to work together.  In Tennessee, that contract is called an agency agreement.  

And I would skip the agreement entirely if it were not required by law.  

So, if we decide to work together, and later you find out it’s not working for you.  Just say why you want out and I will make it happen.  

This is how I give you the power to say NO.  

It helps you to feel better about our working relationship and it keeps me focused on providing you with world class service.  

The veto power goes both ways though.

If I think you might be difficult, disloyal or dishonest, then I probably will decide not to work with you. 

Fortunately, I am a pretty good judge of character so I’ve only had to let go a few clients myself.   

And over the last 12 years, I’ve never had anyone take me up on my offer to fire me.  

So, I’d be interested to know if having the power to say NO is important to you?

If so, hit reply and let me know why it is important. 


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