Do you believe this myth?

Another Real Estate Myth is bustedAs promised, we are going to talk about one more mind shift that needs to take place and is based on a decades old myth about real estate.

Many moons before the internet, all homes for sale were listed in an MLS book.  Yes, I said book.

The “old timers” said this MLS book came out once per week.   Buyers would typically go into a real estate office to look at all of the homes for sale and decide which ones to view.  

The real estate agent held the keys to the castle which initially created the myth that this listing information was top secret.   

And it became so important in some people’s minds that they saw it as the hardest part of the job.  

The myth lives on, even today.

The truth is that finding a home has never been the toughest part of buying. Especially, today when the same info is on hundreds of sites in every city.  

It has always been things like determining the right price to offer, negotiating the contract and managing the lending process that are the most difficult.  

You might be thinking, why does this matter to me?

If you are not prepared for the difficulty in this part of the process, then you could be setting yourself up for failure.  

No one wants to waste time, money and have their heart broken.

And that’s where I see my part.

It’s my job to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.  Now, I can’t promise a walk in the park, but I will remove every obstacle and prevent every headache that I can.  

And make you smile all the way to the front door of your new home.   

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