Divert your course immediatley

Divert Your Course in NashvilleYou’ve probably heard me say that it is the questions that you don’t know to ask that can cause the biggest problems in real estate. 

And this story reminds me of that.

Back in October of 1995, a US Naval Ship was sailing towards home and was off the coast of Canada near Newfoundland.  It was dark and foggy, so the crew was paying close attention to their navigation. 

Suddenly an object appears on the radar so the officer in command attempts to contact them by radio.  

Naval Officer:  Please divert your course to the north to avoid collision.

Canadiens:  We recommend that you divert your course to the south to avoid collision.

Naval Officer:  This is the captain of a US Navy Ship.  Divert your course immediately.

Canadiens:  I recommend that you divert your course.

Naval Officer:  This is the captain of the aircraft carrier, USS Lincoln.  We are accompanied by three destroyers.  I demand that you change course or counter measures will be taken.  

Canadiens:  We are a lighthouse.  It’s your call, but we recommend that you divert your course immediately

That crazy captain mis-interpreted what he saw on radar and didn’t think to ask the question of what lies ahead.

You think it would be easy to see.

But when you are in unfamiliar territory, you see things differently the first time.  Your vision can become easily clouded and you might not have time to look deep.  

In these situations it’s easy to get distracted and not think of the right questions to ask.  

That’s why it’s always best to have someone on your side in real estate who has sailed those waters and knows what to expect and when to expect it.

So, when you think of your next home, what is the biggest problem in your way?   

I would love to hear from you!

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