Did you see this?

Did You See this?  Real Estate MarketingA blind boy sat on the steps of a building while the world zoomed past him.  There was a hat on the ground with a few coins and a sign saying, “I am blind, please help.”

A man walking by dropped a few coins, turned the sign around and wrote something on the back.  Soon, the hat began to fill up.  Later that day; the man stopped by to check on the boy.  The boy recognized the man’s footsteps and demanded to know what he wrote on the sign. 

The man said, “I told the truth, just in a different way.”  This is what he wrote on the sign, “Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.”

Both signs communicated the same basic point, but the second told so much more.  It helped people connect to the boy on an emotional level and feel what it was like to live in his shoes.

The same goes with Real Estate Marketing.  We need to help people experience what it is like to live in the homes we are selling. 

If we do not make that connection, very few people will decide to see the home on their own.  

If you feel that your marketing is not working for you, then here are ten things you can review.  Make sure you do this review with the eyes of a perspective buyer and not your own.

  1. Look at the primary marketing photo in the MLS.  Is it a forward facing shot of the front of your home?  Was it taken on a sunny day in good lighting?  Is it from a professional photographer?

  2. Look at the description in the MLS, other photos and their captions.  Is it written in Real Estate jargon?  Does it tell the story of what it is like to live in your home? How does in make you feel?

  3. After your home has been in the MLS for 24 hours, Google your home address.  Do you have a page or two of links to your listing from other sites?  Does it look similar to the MLS info?

  4. After your home has been in the MLS for 24 hours, search for your address using Facebook’s search feature.  Do you see any posts with your listing?  How well do they promote your home?

  5. Do you have marketing information prominently displayed in your home?  This should include copies of the MLS, marketing pieces, property condition reports, list of recent renovations, HOA info, disclosures, plat maps or anything else the buyer might request to see.  Do you have this?

  6. Ask your agent for copies of any other printed marketing materials for your home?  Look at these in the same way as the MLS.  Who are they sent to?  Is it inviting?  Does it tell a story?

  7. Ask to see the feedback from any showings or open houses.  Don’t take it personally.  Look at these items objectively and see what you can reasonably do to remove the obstacles.

  8. Ask your agent about his social media strategy and ask to see some examples.  Again, look at these postings in the same light.  How do the pictures look?  How does it make you feel?

  9. Ask you agent about his efforts to market the home to the folks in your neighborhood and the agents who are most active in your area.  What feedback are they getting from these folks?

  10. Ask your agent about his overall strategy for marketing your home.  How do they feel it is working?  What do they suggest for improvement? 

Taking the time to review and ask questions can make or break your success with marketing your home. 

On Friday, we will talk more about the problems that buyers face and how you can use these obstacles to sell your home. 

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