Did you see me on the news last night?

See me on the news?Unless you’ve seen the back of my head, you probably did not recognize me.

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I was at the Metro Council meeting last night for the battle over short term rental properties, STRP, in Nashville like AirBnB.

The Council Chambers and hallways were so full that they had to kick out everyone who was not on the agenda.  It was crazy!

Here’s what happened.

The original law that was struck down by a judge last year was corrected.  That’s the good news.

Next, three other bills were introduced for first reading.  

The first bill would phase out non-owner occupied STRPs by 2021.
The second bill would place a moratorium on new non-owner occupied STRPs for one year.
The third bill would place a moratorium on new non-owner occupied  STRPs for three years.

The second and third bills give Nashville the opportunity to study the few properties that are causing problems and find a solution.  To me this is the most reasonable thing that we can do based on the current need and economic impact.  

So what happens next?

Any bill that comes before Metro Council has to be read three times before it can be passed.  So, this fight will continue until March at the earliest.   

Bills can also be amended as the committees, stakeholders and council members work out the best solution.

It appeared to me that there were many more supporters in favor of STRPs that those who would shut them down.  

So I hope some compromise will be reached that serves the best interests of all Nashvillians.  

One thing that you can count on:  I’ll keep you informed.  

I am also interested in your take on this problem.  Hit reply and let me know what you think.

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