Did you forget to check all of the boxes?

Did yo get every box checked?

Of course you didn’t.

That’s a silly question because I know most people won’t move forward or make a decision while there are unanswered questions.

The problem is not remembering to check off the boxes, it’s knowing what boxes to check.

When people ask me, why should I work with you when I can just do it myself and save some money?

I tell them, “It’s not the answers to your questions that get you in trouble.  It’s the questions that you did not know to ask that can cost you the most money.” 

Here’s a good example, you want to buy a home in a certain school district.  Most people will ask the agent or look at the listing to see the schools.  

But that doesn’t tell you the whole story.

Did you check with the school board to see if the school zoning is the same for the next school year?

Did you check with the board to see if zoning changes were being considered in the near future?

And if you mess this one up, it could cost you thousands.

The same thing goes for sellers.  If you assume the schools based on your experience and don’t verify it, you could get an angry call from the buyer’s attorney after closing.

This is just one example of hundreds of questions that you might not know to ask because you did not know it was important.  

That’s where the value of a great agent really comes into play.  Not only will I help you get a the best bang for your buck, but I’ll also protect your blindside like an All-Pro Left Tackle.

No one puts the hurt on my clients.

If you want a Realtor that’s got your back, then let’s talk for a few minutes this week.  

No pressure, no obligation.  Just a few minutes of your time to see how I can help.

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