Dear Mom: Nashville Loves You

Nashville Loves MomSunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  My Mom is living with me during a time of transition for her as she moves from her lifelong home in to independent living at Richland Place.  This year I will have the honored opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with her in my home.  We will probably start out with church together.  My children have planned to come and bring lunch after.  I am sure it will be a relaxed and pleasant afternoon.  The gift to me this Mother’s Day, is the gift of caring for a woman who has cared for me and so many others.  Her nature is to give, to do for others, so it is not easy for her to accept the limitations that her aging body has put upon her and receive, although she is graciously accepting. There is a peculiar balancing act for me as I am trying to assist her as a daughter while still honoring her place as a mother. I am still learning from my mother. I am learning patience, practicing unconditional love, the art of providing gently and compassionately, remembering laughter and light, remembering to listen, lovingly taking care of her personal needs in a gentle way, fixing her hair, putting lotion on her legs and feet, we all need that touch.  Sometimes the lessons are clear and easily understood and accepted.  Sometimes the lessons come with struggle for me. The lessons that cause struggle are the ones which I am most in need of learning and only indicate my place on this path in my journey.  These lessons are not about my mom or anyone else – just me. These life lessons are a part of my journey and I am grateful that I am gifted this opportunity. Mom has been bounced around for the past few months, from her home, to a short hospital stay, to two weeks in a rehab facility regaining her strength, to my sister’s home, and now to mine. I know that she is feeling displaced, as if she has no real home right now.  Her generation handled this aging process so differently, inviting their families into their homes to live and care for when the need arose.  Community living was more ingrained into her family narrative. Whenever there was a need for any family member to come to stay, no questions asked, the door was open. It seems that this is not the case for our generation as we find solutions for community living for our aging family elsewhere. Mom will enjoy being in her own space and having control again over her daily activities. She will also enjoy being with her friends at Richland Place. I keep reminding her that she can just go be a girl again – no more worries about anything. She can do morning exercises, play bridge, discuss books, have lunch and dinner – all with her best friends. And, of course, her children will be in constant contact in all of this.

What I want my mother to know is that I thank her for all her years of caring for me, her unconditional love and support then and now, her example of strength and compassion for others and her leadership in our family.  I also want her to know that my door is always open to her when she needs me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I love you.

The weather outside is delightful.  Blue skies, white wispy clouds, warm sun rays beaming down and the sounds of the birds chirping, bees buzzing – in other words SPRINGTIME.  I have decided to give some lovely outdoor options for your entertainment this time.

For your listening pleasure be sure to make your way to Centennial Park each Saturday between May 9th and June 28th (which is actually a SundayJ).  Musician’s Corner will have their Spring 2015 season kick off on May 9th with great local music, food trucks, adult beverages as well as beverages for you children and even for your dogs.  This entertainment begins each Saturday at 12:00pm and lasts until 5:30.  The last weekend of the Spring series is June 27th and June 28th with a special Sunday session to close out.  But don’t fret as they will return for a fall series also.

The Nashville Wine and Food Fest will take place on Saturday, May 16th at Riverfront Park.  Beginning at 12:00pm you can experience fine wine, food, music and other spirits and entertainment.  The proceeds benefit the Nashville Symphony at Schermerhorn Center. Come on down and support the local arts in our community.

There are several 5k run/walks taking place.  Here are a few:

May 9                    Foam Glow at The Fairgrounds – this is an evening event with registration at 4:30 and race at 8:15pm

May 16                 Ellie’s Run for Africa at Percy Warner Park

May 16                 Walk to Cure Arthritis at Centennial Park Bandshell

May 23                 The Color Run at BiCentennial Mall

May 23                 Beyond the Battlefield at Granny White Park

May 25                 Memorial Day Dash at the Nashville City Cemetery

Let’s get outside and have some fun in the sun. Be sure to wear your sunscreen.

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