The Power Of Dangerous Storms And How To Stay Safe

Tornados and Nashville go together in April.  This Monday was the 20th anniversary of the tornado that struck downtown Nashville and Nissan Stadium.  It structurally damaged 35 buildings and knocked over three construction cranes.

Then on April 24, 2011, another EF1 storm hit the East Nashville neighborhood of one of my REO properties.  More than 100 trees were down on the street which caused most of the damage.  What I saw afterward was shocking considering this was the slowest of these dangerous storms.

I needed to take pictures for my client so they could see what it looked like before and after repairs.  To me, one picture stands out from the rest.  And it is one of an abandoned van that was parked at the home I was managing.  

When the trees were down, you could hardly tell that a vehicle was there.  And this is what it looked like after the trees were removed.  

I couldn’t believe it either.  

And it made me realize the true power of these storms. 

In many parts of the country, people run to the basements, but they are not common in Nashville.  What are your options if you don’t? 

Here’s the thing. The return on your investment is rather dismal.  Most likely only a few thousand dollars.  So, do this only for your peace of mind.  

The least expensive solutions are going to cost around $5,000. - $10,000.  This will provide a security either above or below ground.  

The surface models are made of steel designed to withstand the strong winds and flying debris, while the underground models are engineered to avoid it entirely.  You can even buy them at Amazon.  Crazy right?

If it is something that is important to...

Spring Is The Season For Scams

Spring is the season for scammersTax Season brings out the worst in people.  

It’s bad enough when you have to write a huge check to Uncle Sam every year.  Then the crooks take advantage of your emotions to trick you out of your hard-earned money.  

I hate that.

So, I want to share a few of the ones that I’ve experienced recently, so you can learn to avoid them.

One of the newest scams in this area is what I call the HOA bill scam.  It’s when a fake company sends you a bill for a Home Owners Associations.  And these crooks even send them to people who do not live in neighborhoods with HOAs.  

Most homeowners decide not to pay, and that's the end of it.  However, in Kansas City earlier this year, homeowners who did not pay discovered a lien had been put on their property by the criminals. 

Here’s the story:  

While this can be corrected, it’s painful, costly and time-consuming to fix.  And you typically discover it at the worst possible moment, when your home is under contract.

Another one of the scams is to file a fake quit claim deed on your home and attempt to take possession.  I would watch for this one on any vacant or investment property that you own because that's where I’ve seen this one used the most.  

This last scam is most common any time you move or refinance your home.  And it involves getting a letter from a company scaring you into purchasing a copy of your...

This Will Crash In A Low Inventory Market

Nashville Real Estate Trends - March 2018No big surprises in the real estate market number for Nashville in March 2018.  And that’s good news for you and me.  

The continuing story is as old as business itself.  What we see are the laws of supply and demand shaping the market for the next group of buyers and sellers.  

Let’s start with demand.  

Since we are on the front side of the busy season, we don’t know exactly what it will look like this year.  However, all indicators so far expect it to be strong.  

At the end of March, there were 4,076 home sales pending.  That is the largest number of pending homes that I have seen ever in the history of Nashville real estate.  We typically have around 3,000 homes pending in March and don’t begin to approach 4,000 until you get to the middle of the year.  

Some of it may be due to a slower in normal January and February.  I think the cold weather put a damper on early sales, but that doesn’t account for all of it.  

I expect it has to do with some pent-up demand left over from the mortgage crisis, and the number of people moving to Middle Tennessee every day.

Here’s the kicker.

That strong demand can’t last forever in a tight inventory market.  While the inventory is finally holding steady, it will need to grow this spring to keep transactions flowing and prices in check.  

A combination of a growing demand and limited supply has put upward pressure on prices.  After a few years of 10% average growth, buyers are leery of paying too much for a home. Who wants to get stuck like so many did just a few years ago....

If transit wins, how will it affect your value?

If transit wins...Starting Thursday, voters get to decide on the future of Nashville. Most people have already decided which way to vote, so we will skip that for today.

Instead, I want to think about the future of Nashville if this does pass.  

When I’ve studied areas that recently expanded light rail, I’ve found some interesting facts about the impact on real estate.  And I want to share those with you today with a focus on property values.  

Sure there are other impacts such as noise, traffic, and aesthetics.  However, these are fairly subjective because people have different tolerance levels which makes it hard to quantify.   

Looking at more than a dozen studies, you start to notice commonalities. Especially among the rail systems that will be similar to Nashville.  

Here are the trends I noticed

  • The biggest impact on value tends to be within 1/4 - 1/2 mile of the track.  This makes sense because it is an easy walking distance.
  • The amount of impact was dependent on ridership.  The more popular systems showed higher price appreciation. 
  • The typical amount of appreciation was in the range of 5-15% of value.  A few markets saw a slight negative impact, mostly in areas with low ridership.  

One of the benefits Nashville’s system may have on these others is the plan to build in seamless transportation.  In other words, they want to make door-to-door service easy as possible.

With one ticket purchase on your phone, you could potentially buy all this:

  1. An Uber to pick you up at your home and take you to the train station.  (First Mile Service)
  2. ...

Can you help with this? It's easy

REBarCamp NashvilleTomorrow, I will be speaking at a real estate event for technology and marketing, REBarCamp Nashville.  It’s the largest one in the nation and 1,500 people from all over will be attending tomorrow. 

One of the things that I will talk about is this email.  You know, the one I send three times every week with the Daily Deal.  

It’s my favorite part of the day for so many reasons.  It helps me to connect and have conversations with a whole bunch of great people like you.  That’s fun.

It also gives me the chance to share my knowledge and experience with you.  And what I’ve discovered is that it helps to make buyers and sellers more confident and successful in their own transactions.  

Which leads me to give you my thanks and appreciation. You are a huge part of it.

So I have a small favor to ask.  If you don’t have time, I completely understand.  

What I would like for you to do is take one minute and share what you like most about the emails that you receive from me.  

Not to boost my ego, but to share with my colleagues a better way of communicating with people.  So they will be less likely to spam, call or just plain annoy you.  

Hit reply and tell me what you would want them to hear, and I’ll share it from the stage.  

Of course, all names will be withheld to protect the innocent and the guilty.  

The Daily Deal is my new listing in Clarksville that is near downtown and Austin Peay University.  It has an open floor plan, five bedrooms and is listed for $109,900.  This would make a great investment or first time home.

Thank you!


Being Wrong Has Never Been More Rewarding

Being wrong had never been more rewardingEvery day when she hit the “send” button she told herself, “nobody ever has a chance at winning.“

That’s what super-fan Emily Muniz thought every day when she emailed the entry for herself and husband to the 2018 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway.  

On New Year’s day this year, she watched the 2018 Dream Home Special on HGTV with her daughter.  With its location on a quiet peninsula overlooking Peugeot Sound, the view was enough for her to immediately fall in love.    

The 3,500 square foot home has been completely renovated and offers stunning views from almost every room.  In addition to the home, the Emily also won a Honda Accord and $250,000 in cash. The total prize was worth a whopping $1.8 million.  

And here’s my favorite part.  

Emily is from Nashville and works as a producer at Fox 17.

While it seems like ”extreme” luck has struck this young family, I’ve got to give Emily some credit.  She had the dedication to enter for herself and her husband every day for months. 

It reminds me of something that the late, great coach Vince Lombardi famously said,  “Champions make their own luck.”

More than anything Emily wanted to succeed in winning this home.  The only thing she could control was whether she showed up each day to hit send on the submission.  And that was her main focus.  

You’ve probably heard that 80% of success is just showing up, and Emily provides another in a long line of stories that show just how true this is.  

I know that there is much concern in today’s real estate market.  The fear of not being able to find (or afford) your next home lives in...

How To Generate A Feeding Frenzy Of Buyers In 11 Easy Steps

How to generate a feeding frenzy for your home for saleEarly this week, I shared with you 10 things that buyers can do to win more multiple offers.  Today, I want to focus on what sellers can do to create more multiple-offer situations for themselves.  

While you think it might be easy getting multiple offers on a property today, that is not always the case.  

Much of it depends on the property that you have, the level of competition in the area, and your ability to create a “feeding frenzy” of buyers wanting to purchase your home.  The first two items are out of our control.  Though we still need to understand the market to determine how to best connect with people who likely want to buy your home.  

The last item, creating the frenzy of activity, is up to you and your agent.  And if done right, your efforts can compound themselves resulting in a sales price that is larger than you expect.  


Here’s 11 things that you can do to create your own multiple-offer situation.

  1. Hire an experienced agent with a good reputation
  2. Get your home in the best shape possible prior to the pre-marketing
  3. Determine potential buyer concerns and fully address them
  4. Have a pre-marketing plan
  5. Place a coming soon sign inside the yard.
  6. Price appropriately
  7. List on a Wednesday/Thursday and Plan an Open House on Sunday
  8. Call all the top local agents during pre-marketing
  9. Run ads targeting potential buyers during pre-marketing
  10. Email everyone in your database who has been looking in the same area
  11. Post the pre-sale in the Real Estate & Buy/Sell Groups on Facebook

Of all the items on this list, I would say that the first one...

10 things buyers do to win more multiple offers

10 things buyers do to win multiple offersMultiple offers have become the norm for many homes sales in Greater Nashville over the last few years.  

While this is discouraging to some folks, it’s not the end of the world.  By understanding the needs of the seller and making an appropriate offer, you can give yourself a better chance at acceptance.  

So, I’ve compiled a list of things that I have seen buyers do to improve their chances of winning.

Now, I am not suggesting that you do any of these things, especially if they won’t work for you.  My goal is the give you the information and let you decide what is best for you.  

Here’s the list.

  1. Offer more than list price.
  2. Agree to pay the difference if the home does not appraise for the price offered.
  3. Pay your own closing and title expenses.
  4. Eliminate contingencies from the contract when possible.
  5. Get full loan approval (not a pre-approval) and submit with your offer.
  6. Offer more earnest money than the average buyer.
  7. Make your earnest money non-refundable.
  8. Be flexible with your closing and possession dates.
  9. Agree to not ask for repairs after inspection.  Either accept or reject.  
  10. Find out what the seller wants and offer it to them.

The escalation clause is another idea that many of my colleagues recommend, but I would suggest that you do NOT use it.   

The escalation clause looks something like this, “The buyer agrees to pay you $1,000 more than the highest offer submitted up to a maximum of $400,000.”

There are many issues with escalation clauses, and one of the worst is that you...

What You Need To Know But Rarely See in Real Estate

What you need to know but rarely seeI want to share with you one of the things that can screw up your real estate transaction fast, and you rarely see if you are working with a good agent.  

And it’s not something that you would normally consider if you haven’t experienced it in the past.

One of the difficulties of real estate is that 100+ people touch most real estate transactions.  Agents, brokers, administrative assistants, loan officers, loan processors, underwriters, attorneys, title processors, inspectors, photographers, contractors, vendors and the list goes on and on.  

All it takes is just one of these people to miss a deadline or make a mistake to turn your sale into a nightmare.  

You typically have access to only part of these people because the agent on the other side is managing the other half.  

So it is imperative that the other agent does their job too.  

If I am representing you, I feel it’s my job to attempt to hold these folks accountable, even if I don’t have direct supervision over them.

That’s why I spend time to explain what I know about the other side of the transaction to every client that I work with.  And I constantly follow up with the other side and push them (if necessary) to live up to their obligations.  

I share with you what I find when I research the other side, my past experiences, and what my colleagues have said about working with them.  This is so you can make the right decision for you and your family.  

And avoid mistakes that will mess up your best-laid plans.  

Not only does this benefit your experience in the transaction, but it can produce results that you did not expect.  pick

Like this one…


What You Need To Know About The Fed Rate Hike

What you need to know about the Federal Rate HikeContrary to popular belief, the Fed Rate Hike does not have a direct effect on mortgage rates.  

The Federal Rate is what banks pay to borrow short-term money.  While mortgages are more closely associated with longer-term products like 10 year Treasury Notes. 

When they are both rising at the same time, it’s usually an indication of a growing economy.  As more people (and business) borrow money, the competition causes the expense to go up for everyone.  

While you likely heard about today’s Fed Rate Hike, you probably didn’t notice the mortgages climbing since the end of 2017

In less than 3 months, the rate has increased locally from 4% to more than 4.5% for a typical 30-year mortgage.  And the year is just getting started.  

I’ve seen predictions of 5% - 6% by the end of 2019.  

While a 1% increase doesn’t seem like much, it equals an 11% loss in purchasing power in a market where every penny counts. 

And over the course of 30 years, it means an additional $52,945 in interest.


The best advice that I can give anyone on the fence about buying a home is to do it sooner than later.  March and April are some of the best times to look due to more homes hitting the market before the competition peaks in May and June.  

If you have questions, I have answers.  Hit reply or give me a call at 615-519-0983.

The Daily Deal is this cute ranch in Charlotte Park [West Nashville] that would make a nice investment or first home and is listed for less than $300,000.


Why I Think AMP Was Bad And Transit Is Good

Why I'm anti-amp and pro-transitThe fight over AMP seems like the distant past.  

Three years ago this controversial project breathed it’s dying breath and gave birth to a regional plan built on community involvement and engineering studies.  

AMP was sold as a way to bring two parts of the city closer together instead of focusing on improving transit. And spend $200 million in the process.  It was poorly conceived and failed because it did not solve a significant problem.

While the East Nashville bus route was one of the most utilized by passengers, the West End route had one of the lowest rider counts.  And AMP was to have a dedicated bus lane in each direction on West End Avenue and Gallatin Rd. 

If it weren’t for the dedicated lanes, AMP would probably be alive and kicking today.  

But taking away 50% of the lanes on two of the busiest commuter routes into downtown was not a smart idea.  At least in my book.  

It seemed more like a legacy project than something that would help the traffic woes in Nashville.  

Since I’m not keen on spending millions to create more problems, I decided to not support this project.  And I was happy to see that they took the remaining AMP money to start a new study.

One that was based first on consumer sentiment and real transit solutions across the region.  

The public input phase of the NMotion plan resulted in more than 18,000 individuals engaged in the process including more than 9,000 survey responses.  The result was an overwhelming support for a long-term investment in mass transit and the infrastructure to make it effective.

This includes improvements to buses, routes, facilities, roads, sidewalks, and tracks.  And how you could get from your...

How Will Nashville Fare In The Next Downturn?

How will Nashville Fare the Next DownturnWe all know it’s coming…just a question of when and how bad. 

Most experts predict it is still a few years off, but you still need to be prepared.  While we can’t predict the future, we can look to the past to get a glimpse of what may happen.  Because I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, I decided to dig in for you all.  

And here’s what I found.  

Corelogic, a world leader in information intelligence for the housing and financial industry, recently wrote a report on the National Housing Market since the Great Recession.  

Here’s what the report discovered about Tennessee:

  • Tennessee ranks 13th among states on the 5-year appreciation (2012-2017) rate at 33%
  • Only two Southern states rank higher: Florida (46%) and Georgia (41%)
  • From the peak (June 2007) to the bottom: Tennessee lost 13% in value
  • From peak to bottom: Florida lost 50%, Georgia lost 31% & the US lost 33% in value
  • From the peak in 2007 through now: TN is up 20%
  • Georgia is up 7%, Florida is down 16%, and the US is up 1% over the same time period

I think Tennessee fared better because we did not have a huge run up in price before the last recession.  Some places around the country were seeing 50% appreciation year over year.

Not only is that not sustainable, but it sets the market up for a big crash when the smoke clears and the hysteria wanes.  My best guess is that will hold true when the next downturn hits.  

Here’s why I think Nashville and Tennessee...

One Way You Can Profit And Lower Your Taxes

Making gains and lowering taxesForbes featured an article recently about the Biggest Perks of Real Estate Investing.  The author was an M.D. who also runs the Texas-based real estate investing firm, Napali Capital.

While retirement investing can be scary, the author claims that real estate is the best retirement vehicle for one main reason.

Most people invest in real estate for these reasons.

  1. It’s a tangible asset
  2. People need it to survive
  3. It can be liquidated 
  4. Value tends to appreciate over time

All these are great reasons to invest in real estate, but they are not the main reason why the author says it’s best for retirement.  

He says the #1 reason is depreciation.  

Most of us understand depreciation through the lens of a vehicle purchase.  A couple of years after we drive a car off the lot, 40% of its value has depreciated.  It’s worth a little over half of what we paid for it. 

That’s not how it works in real estate investing.  

He says while the actual value of the real estate investment increases over time, you get to depreciate the value of the improvements and reduce your tax basis.  

While the value goes up, your tax burden goes down resulting in both active and passive growth from the investment.  At least, that’s my understanding of it.  

For specific questions, I recommend that you always talk to your tax professional.

Now here’s the part he didn’t mention.

The entire plan hinges on your property increasing in value over time.  

And that’s where I come in. 

It’s my job to show you the areas that I expect to have the most potential, provide...

Here's What Breaks The Market This Time Of Year

Nashville Real Estate Market - February 2018It’s hard to believe the effect that this has on the market in February or March.  

I don’t know if it’s human nature, myth or agent advice that makes it come true.  

But weather plays a major role in real estate this time of year.  

If it is warm and sunny, you’ll never notice.

When you get a cold, overcast and wet February, it seems like spring will never get here.  And that’s what we had this year.  

Nashville faced a wet February with rain totaling 277% above average.  It’s not unusual for us to get that much in one storm, but that’s not the case this year.

18 out of 28 (or 65%) of the days were rainy.  Not only will this cause buyers to hibernate for six more weeks, but sellers will put off plans too.

Normally, we would be expecting an increase in inventory this month.  This year, the exact opposite happened.  Not only did the inventory decrease, but so did the sales.

I don’t think this is reflective of the demand in the market. I say the decrease in sales was caused by the lack of inventory.  And it’s not as bad as the news will make it seem.

I’m still committed to my outlook of 6-8% in price appreciation in 2018 for Nashville.

Here’s what the numbers said versus February 2017

  • Sales [Volume] is down 1.6%
  • Inventory is down 1.2%
  • Median price is up 11.6%
  • Days on market is up 5.9%
  • Pending sales are up 11.9%

For the chart, Click Here:

Advice From One Of Nashville's Top Developers

Advice from Nashville's Top DeveloperBruce McNeilage, one of Nashville’s most prominent developers, shares his in-depth knowledge of the local investor market in an article that he recently wrote for Think Realty magazine.  

He is the CEO and Co-founder of Kinloch Partners.  They focus on building single-family homes in the Atlanta area, multi-family homes in Nashville, and other projects across the country.

Bruce is the genius behind local developments such as Solo East, The Park at Five Points, and Solo Lofts.  I say genius because he accomplished something that many thought was impossible with Solo East.  This project was recently built in the heart of East Nashville with prices starting at $199,900.   

The smart folks who bought those homes moved in with instant equity.

Bruce thinks that Nashville is still an attractive market for investors.  And he offers this advice:

  1. Look for areas of Metro Nashville that are not fully developed and where land is affordable.
  2. Then ask yourself these questions: Is there enough space for multi-family?  Should you rehab or tear-down?  Is the neighborhood right for renters or homeowners?
  3. Is the area ripe for appreciation and improvement?

This is great advice for those looking to invest in Nashville.  However, I think he hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Because of that massive, ongoing population influx we mentioned earlier, most of the metro area will add value quickly if the housing is attractive to new residents.”

Much of the demand for housing comes from the 100 new residents who call Nashville home every day.  So it is imperative that your offering is geared to this new group of Nashvillians.  

If you can attract people to...

This steals 15% of every dollar you have

1% interest rate hike equals 11% purchasing power lossAt the end of 2017, the average mortgage rate in Nashville was about 4%.

Historically, that is a great rate because the long-term average interest rate for mortgages is closer to 7%.

Just don’t tell it to homebuyers because they are seeing their purchasing power eroding faster than a pothole appears on I-440.

The current rate in Nashville is closer to 4.5%  While 0.5% rate hike doesn’t seem like much, it reduces your purchasing power by 5.5%.  When you couple that with appreciation and more rate hikes, homebuyers in 2018 are expected to lose around 15% by the end of the year.  

Experts expect a full 1% increase in mortgage rates in 2018, in addition to 5% price appreciation in Nashville.  I predict homes will gain between 6 - 8% in value this year, so these numbers could be even worse.  

This is what a 15% loss in purchasing power equals in real dollars.  

If you qualified for a $400,000 dollar home in 2017, your 2018 dollars will only buy you a $340,000 home.  That’s significant enough to put you out of your favorite neighborhood or suddenly make your dream home out of reach.  

If you are not planning on buying a home in 2018, then there is nothing to worry about.  However, if you want to move this year, I suggest you get going.

Here’s why you should consider speeding up your plans.

Most home purchases during the year happen between March and November, with the peak usually happening in June.  Not only do the sales peak in June, but so does the average price.  Starting before most buyers are actively searching means less competition and a probably a better price.  

Starting right now could give you 10% more purchasing power...

In the fight for affordability, Metro increased prices

Fight for Housing Affordability in NashvilleIn the fight for housing affordability, 29 council members and some citizens worked to get the project called The Ridge at Antioch shut down in 2016.

The Ridge was designed to be a 96 unit apartment project designed for low-income residents.

The opposition claimed that there was already two similar buildings near this one.  And that it would concentrate too much poverty in one area.

Here’s how they did it.

It’s not uncommon to have builders request zoning changes with Metro in order to get approval for their plan.  In this case, the property was zoned correctly.

The Council voted to down-zone the property before it could be built, and it killed the deal.

Though the opposition won this battle, they are losing the war on Affordable Housing. And the repercussions were felt across the state.

The Federal Credits for Affordable Housing were awarded when the opposition started.

And once this happens, they cannot be re-issued.

In this case, $1.7 million of federal dollars went unspent, when it could have been awarded to other programs in Tennessee.

Projects across the state were denied when the Ridge at Antioch was approved because Tennessee has a limited amount of federal funding for affordable housing.  And by now, these units would be occupied by Tennesseans who need a safe and inexpensive home for their families.

And these aren’t the only homes that have been canceled.

The Federal Affordable Housing Tax Credit program is run locally by the Tennessee Housing Development Authority [THDA].

When this happened, THDA Director, Ralph Perrey, said “we will essentially...

This list is important to the future of Nashville

Tennessee = Low TaxesI’d be lying if I said this was NOT one of the reasons why I love living in Tennessee.

In a recent report by the tax policy research organization, Tax Foundation, they looked at the tax burden in every state. And then ranked them from lowest to highest.  

The lowest taxable amount averaged 6.5% for one state with a high of 12.7% for another.

Where do you think Tennessee fell on this list?

We hit a solid #4 on the list of states with the lowest tax load with an average of 7.3% of income.

It’s mostly due to the lack of a traditional state income tax and lower than average property taxes.  

At the time of the study, Tennessee had a tax on dividends called the Halls Tax, that has since been repealed.

That placed us as the eighth lowest state for income tax on the list with an average of $46 per person.

We are the seventh lowest state for property tax with an average cost of $830. 

Tennessee relies mostly on sales tax for revenue.  In that category, we are the 18th highest on the list with an average of $922 per person spent each year.  

And that’s not even the best part.

As a state, Tennessee is in great financial shape.  

According to Truth in Accounting’s review of the most recent financial filings, Tennessee has enough to pay all of its bills plus $4.1 billion in reserves.

And all this is what gives me hope about the future of Nashville.  

People are moving here for jobs, opportunity and a better quality of life.  

Others want to visit us because of the beautiful scenery, the quality of entertainment...

What happened to the market in January?

Nashville market updateThe data from January shows that the market is performing right on target.  

Here's the link to the charts:

While some of you may be surprised at the difference from this January to last, let me explain.  January 2017 was the busiest first month that I have experienced in any year since 2006.  It was very unusual in that manner.  

Some of it had to do with the weather.  We were eight degrees warmer than average and hit a high of 72 one day.  

This January, not so much.  

The warm weather season is just around the corner and I expect things will be hoppin’ in March because we are already seeing activity picking up in the last half of February.  

So, my prediction for 2018 has not changed.  I still expect a great year.  Slightly slower for sellers with some relief for buyers.

Besides the economy, our biggest risk is interest rates.  They have already jumped significantly this year.   The average was close to 4% at the end of 2017 and it’s almost at 4.5% right now.  

A 1% change reduces your purchasing power by 11%, so keep a close eye on it if you are thinking about moving.  

Here’s what Sher Powers, President of Greater Nashville Realtors, said about the recent real estate figures, “Though still up compared to January 2017, residential home prices also declined slightly in January. Economists with have forecasted home prices to rise in 2018, but with more moderate gains compared to 2017. While we know inventory will continue to...

Yes, it's true and a little misleading

Transit for NashvilleI want to share with you one of the ways that I am supporting the Transit initiative in Nashville.

It’s with this sign in my yard.

You can get them at the site, and I was going to pick up another for a friend.

So, I thought I would see if anyone else would like one of these.

If so, just hit reply and I’ll bring one to you.  

One of the biggest concerns about the transit vote is that it appears to be focused on Nashville only and not the region.  

Which is true and a little misleading.  

The Transit Plan is regional in scope and touches all of the surrounding counties.

However, each county has to approve their own plan and funding. 

And the upcoming Transit Vote is for Davidson County only.  

Don't worry!  Our neighboring counties are watching and making transit plans of their own that will complete what we started.

Without Nashville’s participation, there can be no regional transit system.  

So, we’ve got to act like leaders and do the right thing for the people of Middle Tennessee.  

This is about more than Nashville.  This is about our future. 


The Daily Deal is Gretchen’s new listing in Sheffield on the Harpeth, a beautiful neighborhood in Bellevue.  It’s a beautiful home with hardwood, granite and a main floor master suite.  And it’s priced below $450,000.  Here’s the link: