Buying Nashville Foreclosures vs Short Sales

Would You Rather Buy Nashville Foreclosures or Short Sales? Nashville Real Estate Now

This is a tough question with no cut and dry answer.  It depends on the situation and your priorities as a buyer.  In order to make the best decision, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of both.

The Nashville Foreclosures described in this article are bank-owned properties.  These properties were sold at the  steps and re-purchased by the bank.   Buying Foreclosures at the public auction adds another layer of difficulty and should be reserved for the most savvy real estate investors.

Benefits of Buying Nashville Foreclosures

  • Many Foreclosures sell at a larger discount than short sales.
  • Most Foreclosures can close faster than short sales.
  • Foreclosures offer more negotiation opportunities.

    Drawbacks of Buying Foreclosures

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