Beauty is in the Eye of the Buyer

Beauty is in the Eye of the BuyerThis is a funny story that could have been disastrous.  Several years ago, I was hosting an open house at my REO, bank-owned listing, in a wonderful neighborhood. 

This area was popular, but the market was down and homes were not selling.

Buyers complained about everything because they thought it would help them get a lower price.

The house was quite lovely.  However, some of the rooms had creative color choices.

The dining room was the most unusual.  So unusual, that I cannot even describe the color they used.

Everyone complained about the color of the room.

“Oh my gosh” they said when they entered the room

“Hideous” she whispered while snickering at her spouse. 

I didn’t think it was that bad, and I was getting tired of all of the negative comments.  Besides, some of these folks were nosey neighbors and not serious buyers. 

So, I thought I would have fun with the next group of people coming through the open house.

During the tour and as they were approaching, I said in my most enthusiastic voice, “Wait until you see the dining room!”

Their eyes widened as they entered the room.  First, she looked around.  Then she turned to me and said, “Steve, I just love this color!”

She was serious as a heart attack.

And that’s when I really learned what is meant by “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

We all have different ideas of beauty.  Home means different things to different people.  No two are alike.  And that is great.  That is what makes us special.

In order to find out your vision of beauty and home, we need to have a conversation.  Where you tell me your dreams and hopes.  Where I listen and strive to understand. 

So we can put together a plan to get you from here to home.

What are you waiting for?

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