As you look across the horizon, one thing is obvious

One thing is obviousLast Friday, I had the pleasure of spending the end of my day with good friends at LA Jackson, the rooftop lounge of the Thompson Hotel in The Gulch.  It has a fabulous view of downtown Nashville.

Just before sunset, I had a few minutes to look out across the horizon.  

 And one thing became obvious. 

There were more cranes mixed in the skyline.  And I thought for a moment, can this be right?

Last May, I shared the Crane Watch with you.  At that time there were 163 crane permits in Davidson County with a majority of those in the Urban Core.

I thought it was big last summer. 

Right now, we have 201 Crane Permits in Metro Nashville.  That’s roughly a 25% increase. 

You can see them all here, on this cool, interactive Crane Watch map:

And it’s a variety of building types: Airport, Condos, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Apartments and Corporate Headquarters.  

This is not some artificial bubble.  It’s the 80+ (net) people per day moving to Nashville that is driving this expansion.  

Why are so many people making Nashville home?

What’s not to love about this area:  friendly people, ample jobs, warm climate, beautiful scenery, world class entertainment and low taxes.  

That’s what attracted me when I moved here 16 years ago.  Back then, we were still a hidden gem.  

Now that the secret is out, I want to show you what makes Nashville great.

And I’d love to hear from you.  

Hit reply and tell me why you love living in Nashville or why you want to move here?

The Daily Deal is a beautiful, historic bungalow near 5 Points [East Nashville] and selling for less than $400,000.

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