As surely as I am king, this man must die

How to use another's persepective to sell your homeA long time ago there was a king who stole the beautiful wife of another man.  The king justified his actions based on his love for the beautiful lady and never gave it another thought. 

One of the king’s advisers, a wise old man, stopped by the court one day and told him this story. 

There were two men in the next town.  One was exceedingly rich and the other was poor.  The poor man had one cow to his name.  The milk from this cow was his only source of money.  The poor man had raised the cow from a calf and loved her dearly.  The cow meant everything to the poor man.   

An important traveler came to visit the rich man.  Instead of taking a cow from his vast heard, the rich man took the poor man’s cow for the feast. 

The king burned with anger at the rich man.  He said, “As surely as I am king, this man must die,”

The wise man looked at the king and said, “You are the rich man!”

Part of being a human is to have biases.  We don’t always see things as other do. 

Sometimes finding clarity is as easy as looking from another person’s perspective.   

And this is true when selling your home.

This brings us to the third topic in this series.

On Wednesday, we talked about three primary reasons that homes do not sell and focused on #1.

  1. The home is overpriced when compared to others that have recently sold or are currently listed.
  2. Marketing does not show the home at its best or is not reaching the target market.
  3. Problems that are foreseen or discovered during marketing are not being solved.

On Thursday, we discussed how to audit the marketing to make sure it is done correctly.  Today, I want to focus on #3.  Resolving problems in order to sell the home. 

Before your home hits the market, you should review your home with your real estate professional.  They should provide you with a list of things that should be done in order to sell the home. 

When going through this exercise, look at your home through the eyes of the buyer.  This doesn’t mean that you have to renovate your home.  Make the changes that help show your home in the best light and that will provide a return for your time and effort.

With this first pre-listing review, you can knock out a vast majority of the problems you would have faced while listed.   

The second part of this comes into play if your home does not sell right away.  Gather the feedback you have gotten from people that viewed your home.  Invite agents that work in the area over to preview the home and get their input. 

Don’t take anything personally because this information is the key to solving your problem.  Just like the pre-listing review, make the changes that help show your home in the best light and that will provide a return for your time and effort.

One you take away the obstacles, it makes the buyer’s decision much easier and your home sells quicker.

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a brick ranch in Charlotte Park sold to settle an estate for less than $180,000.

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