As simple as possible, but not simpler

Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.

Do you know the genius behind this quite?  

If you are not sure, we will come back to it in a minute.

On October 7th, 1903 Samuel Pierpoint Langley launched his huge 54 foot long flying machine from a catapult mounted on the top of a houseboat.  The machine had two 48 foot wings and was powered by a five cylinder radial engine, a marvel at the time.

 Langley was backed by the Smithsonian Magazine and a $70,000 grant from the federal government.  

This grant in 1903 would be like getting $2,000,000 today.  

With Charles Manly at the controls, the huge plane was launched from the catapult and fell into the Potomac river like a bag of cement.

Despite the incredible design, a large head start and a nearly bottomless budget, Langley’s Large Aerodrome was a complete failure.

Langley himself blamed it on a lack of government funding.

Nine days later, with a $2,000 budget and their own resources, Orville and Wilbur Wright ushered in the era of manned flight.

Langley and other inventors at the time, thought the key to flight was the power of the motor.  They focused their time on building the most powerful engines.  

The Wright Brothers had a different theory.  The focused on developing a reliable method to control the flight of the plane.  

The steering mechanism was paired with a proven glider design and simple gasoline engine that was stripped down to reduce weight.  

The Wright Brothers did not try to reinvent the wheel, and instead built upon established technology in their quest for manned flight. 

We think simplicity was the secret to the success of the Wright Brothers and applied it to the business of real estate.  

Marketing today is mostly driven by technology.  There is a shiny new gadget released every day.  If we blindly followed the trends, like so many others, we could easily get lost in technology.

Instead, we prefer to use the proven marketing strategies to sell your home.

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t embrace the latest and greatest.  It simply means that we won’t forsake the old and reliable to “experiment” while we sell your home.  

Now, lets get back to the quote.  The man who embraced simplicity is Albert Einstein, perhaps the smartest man to have lived in recent history.

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