Are you really annoyed with your home search?

Really AgainI received an email last week from “Really Again.” 

Whoever you are, I apologize!

Apparently they had signed up at my website in the past and were annoyed that they had to sign up again to look at more homes for sale.  The truth is they did not have to sign up again, but likely did not know.

And if one of you had this issue, then it’s likely that others have faced it too. 

So I thought I would share this morning how to avoid signing up twice and a few other tricks that that set my site apart from most others.

When you sign up on my site,, it remembers you.  So that when you come back next time you do not have to log in again.  However, if you visit from a different device or you delete the “cache” on your browser, my site will not be able to recognize you. 

To fix this problem, you can “sign in” from any device at the top of any page on my website.  If you look at the top right corner, click on the signup button and enter the email that you used to signup.  No password required.  [If you are already logged in, it says “My Favorites and Dashboard”]

And if you get to the pop-up that asks you to sign up again, there is a login button at the top of the popup where you can do the same thing. 

It’s that easy…

And you can access all of your saved properties and saved searches.

Speaking of saved searches…

Any time you save a search on my site, it will give you the option to receive email alerts when new properties are listed that match your requirements. 

It couldn’t be more simple.

There is one other item that you rarely see on other sites in Nashville, and it has the potential to save you a lot of time and frustration.

My site tells you when a property has been changed in the MLS from Active (available) to Under Contract.   When you are on the search page the status shows up on a banner and it also shows up on the details page under Contingency Type.  To see what it looks like on the site, see the picture at the top of this page.

What can I do to make your home searching easy and more enjoyable?

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