Are you ignoring me?

Surely you are not ignoring your dream homeHi!

It’s your future home here.  

You know, the one you completely adore.

I know that you’ve looked at all of the pictures online and you even stopped by for an open house.  But, I haven't crossed you mind lately, and I’m starting to think that you’ve forgotten about me.

Is it something that I’ve done?

I know I’m not the Taj Mahal or even the White House.  But, I look beautiful inside and out.  And your friends would be so envious.  

Other folks are driving by and checking me out daily.  I am afraid that someone else is going to fall in love.  Then it will be over between us.

That’s ok by me, if that’s what you want.   

But, I was sure you had other plans for us.  

Like a safe place to raise your family.  Somewhere you could entertain family during the holidays.  A place to hang with friends and watch the big game.  

You know, a place to create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Without you, those special moments will not be the same.  

See my problem?

I know that the market is tough right now. 

And you are busy with work, family and just living life.

Which is why I think you should talk to Steve and Gretchen.  They have the experience and knowledge to quickly put us together without unnecessary stress.

And they are always willing to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. 

Let’s do this thing called life together.


It’s so easy.

Just hit reply, and I’ll make sure that Steve and Gretchen get your message today.  

Until next time,

Your future home

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